Are you relentlessly slogging in your workout schedules and still not being able to see your dream results? Or are you keeping away from junk to lose that extra calories and the results are just not even close?

The prime reason why many tend to face this issue is due to improper knowledge of the ‘when’ aspect of food. Yes! When you eat is more important than what you eat!

But don’t you worry! We have got you covered. Here are some tips guided by experts on what to eat before and after your workout session :


A great pre-workout meal will surely maximize your efficiency in gym. Most importantly, it will help to minimize your muscle damage.


⦁ High Carbs
⦁ Medium Protein
⦁ Low Fat Content


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⦁ Chicken with steam cooked veggies :

This perfect amalgamation of complex carbohydrates and great source of protein is just perfect for your workout schedule.

The proteins aid your muscle health and keep you going in those gym reps. The vegetables too contain high amount of fibres that work well with your digestion process. It is necessary to keep your tummy happy before you put pressure on them in workout!

⦁ Eggs:

Yes! egg works magic when it comes to giving you the maximum nutrients. You can eat an egg before workout in any form and that is the beauty of it. Scramble them, boil them or make an omelette, the egg will give you your necessary dose of top notch proteins added with some magical amino acids!

⦁ Fish + Rice:

This combination will power your energy up and boost your workout. It is recommended to eat brown rice over white for its exceptional health benefits. Fish too, will do its deed of providing you the essential proteins to pump you up!


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⦁ Muesli or Oats:

Oats have high carbohydrate content which keeps you well energized for a long period of time. You can experiment with your oats bowl by adding in some berries, honey, nuts, seeds or dark chocolate pieces to add on some extra taste. This meal contains high fibre content that helps you boost your metabolism.

⦁ Protein Shake and Fruit Smoothies:

Smoothies and shakes are a quick source of glucose to your body. Protein shakes too contain plant protein that gives a direct spike to your protein levels. Keep in mind to include less fruits and more vegetables in your smoothie! Throw in some cute berries to give your shake a pop of colour and taste.

⦁ Greek Yogurt topped with fresh fruits:

Greek yogurt is a blessing in disguise for all the vegetarian protein lovers. It contains high levels of protein that takes care of your workout needs. Garnish it with some fresh seasonal fruits for some extra nutrition points.


Now that you have drained yourself in the gym, it is time to give your temple body its dose of nutrition! In a nutshell the first thing you eat after a workout should be healthy. This is because, after a good workout your body tries to produce and make up for the glycogen that was exhausted in your workout. So better give it a good one because the absorption will be twice as normal!


It is super important to hydrate your body after the workout. It helps refuel you after exertion. In addition, it also keeps you active even after a tiring session. Lack of water or fluid intake post workout may also lead to fatigue. Water helps you to maintain the proper body temperature. It aids in lubricating joints, which is especially important to do after straining them. Remember! If you are not well hydrated, you are inviting weakness and lesser efficiency.


⦁ Grab those proteins:

You muscle tissues begin to break down after a sweating workout session. This is a very delicate moment for the muscles, and any mishandle can lead to its wear and tear. Hence, we must give our body the necessary protein dose to maintain the strength of our muscles.

For the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians the most important tip is to consume quality proteins. You must also not forget to add in nuts and berries which act as magical toppings on your meals. They provide micronutrients that just work wonders with your health. Some recommended after workout foods include:

⦁ bananas
⦁ rich nuts
⦁ fruit salads
⦁ vegetable salads
⦁ nutty salads
⦁ whole wheat bread sandwich
⦁ beans
⦁ berries
⦁ porridge
⦁ peanut butter
⦁ quinoa
⦁ salmon
⦁ tuna
⦁ chicken
⦁ chocolate milk
⦁ eggs
⦁ cottage cheese
⦁ lean meats, etc.

⦁ Rich Vegetables and Sprouts:

Consume high nutrient vegetables and fruits like spinach, bell peppers, carrots, beetroots, broccoli, sprouts, avocado, mango, banana, apples, etc. These veggies and fruits will not only give you the right energy boost but will also nurture your body with high fibres and acids. Sprouts are rich in protein, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin K, etc. This itself is proof enough that sprouts are an all in one power pack meal that you can opt for post workout.


Whatever your food item may be, it is extremely essential to eat it at the right time in the right way. If you overload your system before workout you may be causing your body more harm than usual. On the other hand, even if you opt for a strenuous workout with empty stomach you are inviting a whole bunch of health issues including acute acidity. By consuming the right kind of nutrition, you will not only improve your metabolism rate but also see faster and quality results. Workout includes exertion of the whole body and not just the muscles. Therefore, you must not neglect any internal issues while working out. Keep your tummy healthy before straining it. Know your proteins and fibres and take them accordingly. Follow our meal guidelines and game up your fitness goals to a whole new level!

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