The IT industry is famously filled with an ocean of opportunities for tech lovers. This in itself seems like quite a paradox because millions of opportunities keep youngsters wondering about ‘what to choose and when?’ till a long time.

Do not let this gift become a headache to you. Subsequently, do not settle for less due to a lack of information!

Here we list down some amazing opportunistic certified courses you can opt for after your graduation to shine in the IT industry!


Ethical Hacking: A New Age IT Career For You - Youth Inc Magazine

Ethical hacking is a certified course in which the individual is taught to detect vulnerabilities and loose ends in specific systems using an ethical and lawful procedure. This is useful for enhancing the security aspect of targeted machines.

Ethical hackers are taught the skills identical to that of an unethical or criminal hacker but are given in the direction of the ethical security and well-being of the company.

Ethical hacking plays a significant role in protecting confidential information and details of a company or an organization. This field has gained its popularity widely in the IT industry.


CISSP© (Certified Information System Security Professional) | Udemy

IT system security professional course is a certified program that is recognized all over the globe. This course enhances your skills in IT security.

IT system security professionals course includes security and risk management fundamentals as well as asset management skills. Communication and network security constitute a big part of the course.

Other notable studies in this field include security operations and engineering. Software development security and testing are taught in the later stages of the course.

This course helps you to design and manage the business aspects using information technology.


Site Galleria - Web Development Company in Sadashivanagar Bangalore

Website designing and development is another IT certificated course that has a humongous scope in the recent industry.

This course provides you with expertise pertaining to server programming languages used for creating website pages. The individual is guided and taught various languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery, etc. In addition, website marketing, learning SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is also taught in the duration of this course.

WordPress is the rising platform for website designers to market their and design their website ideas. Website developers on the other hand code their own websites for more flexibility.

After completion of this course, the individual invites a pool of job opportunities for itself as every company needs a website developer.

If you are looking for a firm stance in the IT industry and in search of a good salary package, then this is the right course for you.

You need to have a good hold on your programming languages and general technical proficiency to ace website designing.


Android training in Coimbatore, Android App Development Course in ...

With an increase in the trend of apps, the IT sector is progressing in the direction of evolving apps. Android development is a rising field that has a high value in the industry.

Android is the most famous operating system and is being used in mobile systems on a large scale throughout the globe.

This course involves designing and creating applications for android using programming languages like java, SQL, XML, etc. and other development tools.

This skill will guarantee you a solid income package and has a huge scope in the year 2020.



Cloud computing is a certified course that is highly recommended in the IT sector.

The course involves computing using internet tools for shared resources such as storage files, website servers, data processors, apps, etc.

Having an AWS certificated course in cloud computing boosts your scope in the IT world. Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) is another certification course in cloud computing that will benefit you.

If you are willing to bag the job of a software engineer, cloud engineer, full-stack developer, data engineer, java developer, or even front-end and back-end developer in a good company, then this course is a must!

Cloud computing is increasing its scope and soon will constitute the future of the IT industry.


Best Free Online Courses for Data Science - FreeEducator.com

Data science is a study that includes the scientific algorithm and approach to extract valuable information, data, and knowledge from unstructured sources.

Data science is the basis of machine learning and big data study.

This course includes statistics, linear algebra, programming language study, data analytics and mining, domain study, and the core of machine learning.

Data science has humongous scope not only in the IT sector but also in the medical, health care, and business sectors.

Due to its high demand and value, data science is a must learn a skill in this evolving industry.


Scope of Python in the future. Python is a highly extensible… | by ...

Python is the most popular programming language among coders in the Computer science field. It is widely famous for its easy of understanding and unlimited scope.

Python is a fundamental must learn concept if you aspire to get into the wonders of artificial intelligence. Python is an all purpose programming skill that is used in various fields. Website development is another profession which is highly influenced by Python.

Expertise in the subject and advanced python knowledge is enough to give you a good job in a good company.

The year 2020 has indeed brought in a huge demand for python experts.


The IT industry is unpredictable on a larger scale. However, as IT aspirants need to keep ourselves updated with the recent trends and demands in the field. The skills that were high in demand in the past few years have lost their significance. New skills have taken birth in the industry now and are rising time proceeds. Instead of knowing what will trend and be in demand after 5 or 10 years, the best we can do is know what best trending is now and work on those skills. Try not to restrict yourself to one skill. Explore different skills and courses and broaden your expertise boundaries as the industry shapes itself. Just like computer systems, even we need to keep evolving ourselves with time and requirements!

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