An Engineer is the person known to create, generate, devise some discoveries which helps to improve the quality of human life. In India in order to become an Engineer one needs to take Physics, Chemistry and maths after tenth standard. They need to clear Joint Entrance Examinations which are held in two levels, Mains and Advance. After which you are selected for the reputed colleges of Engineering, from where one can get good jobs in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Civil Engineering. Millions of people sit for this examination but however only few are able to clear it. So, is this the end?  Even after getting into the college the dropout rates are very high, so what about all these students? Is this the dead end to your career? 

  • Escape the traditional – Knowledge can never go to waste. All the skills, experiences, and knowledge gained in this can be transferrable and be used in many other Non-Engineering jobs offered to the graduates today.
Escape the traditional
  1. Teacher – Teachers are termed to be the guiding stars of the upcoming generation and they hold the biggest role to guide them to their bright futures. After getting a Bachelor of Education degree, one can always teach students in the form of a Mathematician, physicist, or any subject you have an interest on. Earnings could be very decent and at the same time, you also earn respect. One can further also become a professor after giving a government exam called NET, in India.
  1. Join Armed forces – What could be a better work then to serve your own country. One can apply for the highest honour of the Armed Forces after graduation. In order to join the Academy, one should not only clear the 12th standard but also appear for National Defence Academy written examinations and services selection board interview and clear them. The subjects can lead from general knowledge, English to physics and mathematics according to which you can join in for navy, army, or the air force. It’s an honorable job which is respected all over the country.
  1. Civil services – This examination helps to elect the body of government officials who are employed in civil occupations. They are neither judicial nor political. It includes Administrative services, police services, foreign services, civil accounts services, defence account services, corporate law services, etc. In order to get in, one has to clear the examination after graduation held by Union Public Service Commission. It is usually considered to be a tough National level examination, however, it’s the best government job one can ever have.
  1. Business – World economy runs with the economic rollover of the top business minds who knows how to get their products sold and make profits with their tactics. It takes experience to learn what goes around any business and with time one can always excel in it. But the only flip side of this coin is that it has major chances to fail or to not work at all but a little determination and experience will do the magic. With help of your project-planning skills, communication skills, and team work habit, you can do wonders in it. 
  1. Sales – Are you a very social person who like dealing with people? If yes then this could be a very suitable job for you. Having interpersonal and technical skills adds a cherry on the top. This job has a great stability and decent earning potential as well. If you are good with your communications, Sales could be your optimum career choice.
  1. Consultant – Are you one of those who loves giving an advice to their friend irrespective of whether asked or not. If yes then this a great opportunity for you to work by helping out companies through your problem-solving skills. This field comprises of two options- specialist engineering consultancy or a non-specific role which doesn’t need a particular degree. From an engineer, you will turn to a business expert.
  1. Law – In order to shift from an engineering degree to law, one needs to complete a graduate diploma of law. One can also work in as a legal secretary after this course. In order to grow further, you need to harness on the skills to research and get well thorough with subjects like sociology and history and of course the training which can be funded by you or your employer.
  1. Technical writers – This job is meant for you if you have a strong communication and writing skills as one needs to express their content from the general public to a specialist engineer. One can work this not only in their offices but also at their homes or part-time or as a freelancer. One has to work on textbooks, journals, articles, manuals, for the technical writing and other content writing related jobs.
  1. Investment banking – On the peripheral, investment banking may appear like a universe away from an engineering field. But the reality is something quite different. Many Engineering graduates have a quite strong analytical skills and facility for mathematics. Competency in the use of spreadsheets is a whole lot different skill that would transfer well to the field of finance. A solid cultivation of accounting and finance would support the analytical and technical skills gained from an engineering course. You can also consider going to business schools to experience some finance-related work if you believe that investment banking may be a good fit.
  1. Arts – Arts, and creativity is a wide field providing with loads of opportunities for you to grab. Your skills can range from being a guitarist to an influencer speaker or perhaps an actor too. This field has an unlimited scope and with some patience and ambition, one can always attain great heights. In order to get a degree background, one can also attain a performing arts degree for further experience. 

Even if you aren’t able to decide the perfect option, it isn’t the end of world. There are many engineers who switched their ways just to get different options the life has to offer, you may have a popular you tube channel or a profitable business too, every option has some pros or cons but your determination and passion for the work you do needs to be stronger among all.

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