Mind is a miracle for human race. We are at the peak of evolution just because of this powerful tool and thus, its health should be our utmost priority.

The recent global pandemic has caged us, humans, world-wide in our homes away from our loved ones. Consequently, this mass illness has taken a huge toll on people all over. Even though it is natural to go through a tough phase during the Covid-19 spread, we can still manifest a positive atmosphere around us.

Have a peek into some amazing tips for maintaining a healthy mind during this pandemic!


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What do you do when you have a stomach upset? Do you hide it from others or act as if it is not there? No!

When our physical health is compromised, we turn all tables to cure ourselves. Then why not do the same with our mental health?

During a bad stomach-ache, the first thing we do is say a big NO to outside junk food and street food. We resort to healthy fruits and tasteless boiled veggies to cure ourselves.

Do the same with your mind! When you feel lost and anxious or feel like your mental health is slipping away, say a big NO to the toxic content you feed your mind. Unhealthy food for the mind includes: –

⦁ Useless gossips
⦁ Unnecessary fights and quarrels
⦁ Unhealthy social media pressure
⦁ Dark films/serials
⦁ Hate comments, etc.

Switch these with good mental health medicines such as: –

⦁ Positive books
⦁ A hearty conversation with friends and family
⦁ Motivational movies
⦁ Ted talks
⦁ Meditation
⦁ Spiritual practices
⦁ Sports
⦁ Pursuing hobby activities, etc.

Remember! Just like you approach a doctor when your physical health problems go out of hand, do not hesitate to approach a doctor or therapist when your mental health goes out of hand. There is no shame in getting checked by a doctor for your own health and well-being!


The trending of social media indeed has an infamous touch to it. However, did you know that you can create wonders in the world around you by simply using your social media handle in the right way?

Use your social networking platforms to spread love and support to loved ones as well as strangers. Spread awareness by shunning down fake news. Join various people and organizations to make a positive difference in the society around you.

Spreading love will imbibe a sense of positivity and hope in you and will give you the strength to withstand your mental obstacles.


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Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs are not a solution for your deteriorating mental health. No doubt they will provide you with a boost of mental high, but you will be definitely harming your senses permanently in the long run.

Lockdown is the worst time you can indulge yourself in these practices. Even if you are a frequent consumer of intoxicants or have just begun, it will take a huge toll on you as long as you consume it with an intention of escaping your mental tension.

Say no to frequent consumption of caffeine and nicotine as these will just stress you out more than giving you temporary reliefs.


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Meditation can do wonders to your inner as well as outer health. However, the biggest question that prevails is-

Are you doing it the right way?

Meditation is not about closing eyes and shutting down your mind. Do not restrict yourself from thinking while meditating.

Meditation is nothing but channelizing your mind. Thoughts are a by-product of your mind. When you have an upset tummy, you do not throw away your stomach or stop eating food. Similarly, do not abandon your thoughts. Instead-

⦁ Channelize your thoughts, give them a direction, set them by their priority, and embrace them.
⦁ Utilize the power of effective visualization.
⦁ Prayers and positive recitations calm your mind sub-consciously.
⦁ Focus on your breath to improve the circulation of oxygen in your mind and body.


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It is good to keep yourself informed about the details, effects, and news related to the global pandemic. However, make sure you do not go overboard with all the news reception.

Too much information about the depressing cases of this illness and its increasing spread will lead you to fanatic overthinking. You may tend to be paranoid and at such a delicate phase it is quite easy to switch to negativity and hopelessness.

On the contrary, do not become totally ignorant of the issue by denying its presence. Absorb only the information that is vital for your well-being. Find positivity in the darkest phases and try to involve friends and family in this process.


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These are the times where you do not have much on your plate and are blessed with a considerate amount of free time. Take advantage of this free time to watch motivational and inspirational movies, short films, documentaries, etc.

Plan out a movie night with family or neighbours and watch movies that make a positive shift in your attitude.

You can always resort the golden retro serials and movies to have a sweet ride of nostalgia. Sit down with the kids of your house and watch cartoons and animated movies with them to treat the child within you. It always great to embrace the hidden innocence within us!


Happiness is your gift to yourself. Your mental health is in your hands and is yours. Do not give the remote control of your mind and thoughts to anyone else. If you do, it is bound to get misused someday or the other. 

Your life is a beautiful gift of yours and even though there are numerous obstacles, pain, misery, etc. in it, you need to find a positive way through it. 

The lockdown brought by this global pandemic has been a mighty boon for some and a sad bane for others. Finding positivity in situations is an art. Ace it!

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