The new Trend guide for Travel and Tourism with more eco-tourism and mini vacations

The new Trend guide for Travel and Tourism with more eco-tourism and mini vacations


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Imagine walking on the cold sand under moonlight or the icy wind playing with your hair while you are climbing mountains. The subtle coffee aroma surrounding the cafe where you are chit-chatting with your friends or walking through the lane of shops where the street is filled with the hustling and bustling of the crowd. Not to add the salt on the wound but we all miss those small vacations where we could travel. Somewhere we all made plans for a trip in 2020 but due to pandemic, the only tour we are having is from room to kitchen and kitchen to bed. But still, one shouldn’t lose hope as very soon we will be again packing our bags to travel freely. However, there are many types of new trends for travel and tourism which you should probably note down so you don’t miss out on beautiful destinations and can plan your friend’s reunion or slow travels accordingly.

Escape the itinerary

Many times, travelling is limited to a mere task, where you are only focused to tick on checkboxes. To visit all the popular places in a given time limit, we tend to forget to enjoy and live the moment. Slow travels are a very popular term among youngsters which means to reject the traditional ideas of tourism and instead permit yourself to soak up on the culture, food, heritage, vibes, etc. this takes quite a few days to explore and observe the reality of the locality.

Rising concerns for eco-tourism 

During a lockdown when we all were busy taking pictures of the clear skies, we all realized how our restricted movements had led to the healing of nature which we all appreciated. When we get to go out, let us not forget to take this valuable lesson with us. Even travel bloggers should not only take care of their impact on the environment but also promote renewable sources of energy so their viewers can learn and be influenced for good. Before planning any eco-tourism vacations always research about the rules, flora, fauna, culture, vulnerable and endangered species of the locality you are visiting. Even though we all are divided by borders we still share the same sky hence polluting any place will lead to the degradation of the environment all over. Hence during eco-tourism vacation or any small vacations, let us be environmentally conscious during travelling, after all, we don’t want any more disaster to unfold. Some such places are – national parks in Karnataka, river rafting in Costa Rica, a safari in Kenya, or watching the beautiful sight of penguins in Iceland.

Take a break

Whether it was working on a 9 to 5 job or burning our eyes for doing overtime in work from home, we all want to go far away just to rejuvenate our tired selves. to maintain sanity between the tiring schedule one needs a small vacation to reenergize. However, this small break shouldn’t last more than three to four days otherwise it can disrupt the balance of work life. Road trips are most preferable to take for any location near you which can be to go to watch scenic beauty or have a relaxing time in a resort or perhaps you can even take some time out to explore your city and locality.

Take a break

Voluntary tourism

These tourists don’t focus only on exploring or fun instead they aim for a good cause. It can include providing medical aid to humans and animals or educating to unprivileged kids. This step encourages the scope of humanity among people and spreads qualities like unity and peace whether you are going on an eco tourisms vacation or just slow travel, it never hurts to do well and promote kindness as the world desperately needs that. 

The Upcoming Trend for Travel

As we all are adapting to the new normal, airlines have started opening and so is the rise of carbon offsets. To further not suffer more the upcoming new trends for travel and tourism focus majorly on being environmentally friendly. The most basic one includes to not litter any place just because we are too lazy to find a proper dustbin around. We should look for brands that are environment friendly in fact most of the travelling bloggers promote eco-friendly goods and collab with environment-friendly brands. Hence, green travelling will be one of the major new trends for travel and tourism. According to reports, airports like Dubai will be banning the use of plastics for the cause whereas many of them are inspired by the Great Thunberg’s reality check and so they are avoiding internal flights and looking for an alternative way to travel. Perhaps these steps by both an individual and government will inspire others to look for alternatives and perhaps choose a road less travelled. 

Energy resource

Many of the countries claim to shift the resources at least 50% to renewable energy by the year 2050. This will lead to reduce in carbon emission as the system will be dependent on sources like wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy, biomass, and geothermal energy. This initiative on a global level can bring a huge impact to not only reserve renewable sources but also to promote a healthy environment that can be lived by the upcoming generation. Hence, this will save on the fuel for every kind of tourism.  

Final words

In conclusion, there is still hope for a time when we all start travelling freely. But whenever it happens, it will be our utmost responsibility to not only protect ourselves from the viral infections but also take care that our activity does not affect the health of other travellers. Perhaps this pandemic made us realize to live in the moment instead of updating every moment on social media. All we can say is that it has let us conserve and admire the scenic beauty for which we all travel miles and miles. Otherwise, there will be nothing left in the tourism industry.

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