The most awaited Chris Nolan's Tenet will test fan's patience of not going to Cinemas!

The most awaited Chris Nolan’s Tenet will test fan’s patience of not going to Cinemas!


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Tenet, a Christopher Nolan creation, is all set to make its grand release in this infamous year 2020! Since the first teaser of this movie was released, it has been the talk of the town. Fans from across the globe are eagerly waiting for the release of such a marvellous creation. Tenet trailer and the mere poster of the movie has made an astonishing mark in the eyes of the film admirers. 


The movie revolves around the unpredictable journey of a confidential secret spy agent. The spy sets on a mission to prevent the happening of the World War 3. In order to save the world from the mass destruction and the consequent massacre, the spy extends the horizons of reality and the realms of the virtual being.

Tenet is a Sci-Fi movie that depicts the mind boggling embarkment of a CIA spy who has no name or identity of his own. He bends the structure of spacetime and gets into the mysterious inversion of time. This concept in the movie is shown by framing how a person can reverse his own entropy that leads him to spiral backwards in time. Using this concept, the spy mends the dimensions of reality in unpredictable ways to ultimately save the world from a future massacre.



This time travel mystery film will keep you on your toes throughout its duration. The complex yet interesting sci-fi concepts in this movie indeed turn out to be a head scratcher for all the viewers. The concept of the movie is one of a kind. It takes you on a journey of mystery and thriller. It will make you question your own beliefs about space and time. 

John David Washington, who plays the protagonist of this masterpiece, has stunned the audience with his acting proficiency and deadly stunts. The action sequences of the movie are just commendable.

John David Washington

Just like its name, the movie is best described as a palindrome on its own. The movie has been shot in 7 prominent countries and the shooting process had been quite specific and precise. The same scenes have been shown repeatedly for effects and emphasis. The cinematography aspect of the movie is what makes Tenet so mystical. The war possibility scenes and fighting scenes have created a bang on effect on the overall graphics of the picture. The graphics as well as the animation used are indeed a treat to the viewers’ eyes. The exceptional edits and mind-blowing sound effects of the movie will keep you engrossed into the beauty of its storyline. 

The cast of the movie is promising enough for the success of its release. The lead actors which comprise of Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Kenneth Branagh, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia as well as Michael Caine have done a spectacular job in the movie. Every role has its own history and contributes a unique aspect into the story. The well-suited partnership between Robert Pattinson and John David Washington is one of the major highlights of the movie.

It is said that time flies. This movie will change your whole concept of time. It will not just fly this time, it is about to get inverted!


There is a rumoured disappointment that Tenet release dates are about to get delayed. However, people claim that if so, then the release will be worth the wait. The official Tenet trailer has baffled every film admirer in the world. The famous dialogue “Time isn’t the problem, getting out alive is the problem” of Pattinson in relation with the movie’s concept, has literally given Goosebumps to its viewers. 

The movie hardly has any emotional touch to it. But like every other Christopher Nolan movie, Tenet will keep you tangled in your thoughts and perceptions for a long time. The movie will bend your intellect and will take your imaginations for a ride. This movie too will redefine the age-old orthodox ideologies of science and fiction. The unexplored aspects of science are open to imagination and Christopher Nolan has been a master of this art.

Even though Nolan has depicted his own usual style in the movie, but it surely is not a repetition of his previous concepts. The movie and its storyline flaunt a unique concept and theories that will affect the fantasizing minds of the masses. The audience have liked the flow of the movie so far and are extremely interested in watching the film. 


Release of short teasers and trailers of the upcoming Nolan movie has already created a bang across countries. The concept, the storyline, the light and sound effects, classic cinematography, action scenes and the overall direction of the movie is about to tear the boundaries of excellence in the film industry.

Due to the chaos created by the recent pandemic, the whole world was in the state of a Lockdown. All theatre and cinema houses had been closed down too. Movie fans are in a dilemma as they cannot watch the Christopher Nolan creation in the theatres with amplified effects and a 3D touch. This shows how eager and excited people are to experience the magic of this fantastic film. 

This movie has been the most awaited release of the year. People have crossed their fingers and have spiked their hopes up high with the movie. The Tenet trailer already has given the viewers a good hint about the storyline.

Will the viewers get the privilege of watching this nail bitter piece in the theatres or not? Well that cannot be predicted at the moment. But what is sure is that this masterpiece will spark up your senses and boggle your intellect. Tenet trailer has managed to keep the viewers engaged in amazement till now and continue to do so till the grand Tenet release this year.

Who knows through this absolute masterpiece, Christopher Nolan might even win his first Oscar?

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