Tata Group to launch its own e-commerce application Superapp, will compete against Amazon and Flipkart

Tata Group to launch its own e-commerce application “Superapp”, will compete against Amazon and Flipkart


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We all look for excuses to buy goods online whether it’s a branded dress or an upcoming I-phone, were all these varieties of goods were available on phone screens before? In today’s generation tasks like money transactions, bill payments or tickets booking can be done in a second. All thanks to such e-commerce applications that we don’t need to stand in a long queue or wait for days to avail such facilities. Being an aware customer, one must know the basic knowledge about these applications and their history.

What is an E-commerce application actually?

 It’s also known as electronic commerce which has various categories to do business like retail, manufacturing unit, wholesale, etc on online or electronic platform. Through this application process of buying and selling of goods, takes place just by a single touch of your screen. It also serves as an online wallet for all your transactions for business, buying and transporting goods, online tickets, etc. Likewise Tata Group is aiming to launch their own e-commerce app which will be a kind of combination of all their different e-commerce sector based applications.   

What is an E-commerce application actually?

Tata group

Tata Group of Industries is a multinational company of India based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was founded in 1868 by Jamshetji Tata and is owned by Tata Sons now. It includes companies like Tata steel, Tata motors, Tata power, Tata communications, Tata consumer products, etc. After purchasing several global companies like Jaguar, Land Rover, India’s alliance of Starbucks, etc,  it has now also gained international recognition.

Tata Group’s “Superapp” Approach

The new Tata Group’s “Superapp” will actually be a super app. A lot of apps in apps and so on which will provide a range of products to their customers. It will be facilitated by different platforms of Tata group like:

  • TATA CLIQ– Shopping app
  • STAR QUIK- Grocery and food store
  • CROMA- Electronics goods
  • WESTSIDE and many more

The $113 billion worth Tata Group’s chairman, N Chadrasekaran has confirmed and informed about the company to launch their e-commerce Superapp and will enter the cut throat competition in India’s online retailing market.

It will provide us with Services which will be available just with a single touch: 

  • Grocery like vegetables, pulses, fruits, snacks, etc.
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Online wallet and bill payments
  • Fashion and brands 
  • Electronic appliances
  • Airlines facility


The program of super app has always made a huge bloom in china and south- East Asian countries. However, this concept is totally new to India to club all the facilities like shopping, payments, food services, cab bookings, etc. As this application will serve the function of many other apps, hence so you wouldn’t need to give up all the storage of your phone to so many other applications as the Tata group- super app can handle all the applications alone in one Superapp. This step will raise a high competition between huge companies like Amazon and Flipkart and many more because now customers wouldn’t need to look for different areas and places to avail facilities as it will be now fed to them on spoon. Due to this major step, companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, and Jio will be sensing a good competition coming their way. They also suggest that no company is being arm-twisted and the scheme is part of the country’s Atmanirbhar policy.

It seems that Tata Group is trying to leverage the goodwill of their Offline Presence to match up with the most trending online presence today. Tata Group has assessed the opportunities of online retail and have witnessed how other online retail have grown leaps. Assuming there’s still a good demand of good online retailing, Tata Group is aiming to grab this opportunity combining all their online retail apps of different genres.   

Pandemic point of view:  As we all continue to suffer pandemic and restrict our outings, this application by Tata group has likely chances to bloom all over India as it will not only ensure the safety of citizens but also help to break the chain of spreading the virus. So, we all can continue being lazy by availing all the goods just by a single touch. However, there are still questions which will be answered with time –

  •  Will this decision bring a major change in India’s economy and shut down many businesses or will it create new job opportunities and employment opportunities?
  • Will Tata group be able to compete with the standards set by their rivalries and offer options and top facilities to the people like their competitors are doing currently?

Probable Competition awaiting

Once launched, other already established online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and now Reliance JIO will be its tough competition awaiting. India is rapidly turning out to be a huge market for online retailing and with the entrance of a giant like Tata Group, the competition will become highly fierce. While Amazon has on-ground creds, Jio has money, Flipkart has the backing of Walmart, Likewise Tata Group seems to bring in Tech. Tata Group might bring new digital transformations and superb tech related skills with its renowned Tech brand TCS. 

Though Indian Conglomerates have not been that successful in this line, if we take examples of huge players like Birla, Godrej, ITC, Future Group and many more, who failed to make a big mark against the players like Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm.    

Probable Competition awaiting

Our all the doubts will probably be crystal cleared by the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021 as it would be the months of Late December 2020 or Early January when Tata Group might launch their Superapp. It would be interesting to come across whether the Tata group will be able to meet millions of customer needs or not or will it be a new beginning to our digital India.

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