Schools and Colleges to reopen from September 21, necessary steps to follow before and after school!

Schools and Colleges to reopen from September 21, necessary steps to follow before and after school!



The unlockdown 4.0

After the declaration of national emergency due to the pandemic, institutes like schools, colleges, auditoriums, cinema, temples, etc are shut. Even the events which require gatherings are strictly prohibited by the government whether it is a religious ceremony or a wedding function. Since March students have been enjoying there mini-vacation in their homes. However, schools are conducting online classes and exams to avoid any hamper of studies making India progress digitally without putting safety in danger. But the news of schools opening from September has made children excited and parents worried. 

The government of India has announced the reopening of schools by the 21st of September, but this will be a partial opening for class 9th to 12th as it is not at all compulsory to attend. Instead, it is there just so that the students can avail guidance or help from teachers and this will not be possible without the consent from parents or guardians. The question that pops in the frame is that, are we all even ready and well prepared for it?

Current scenario

India can finally get the golden play button after all it has more than 4.5 million COVID cases across India. Still, a large population is under threat and the situations are nowhere near stabilizing. As people continue approaching new normal by resuming their jobs or going on a walk with fashionable masks, the situation seems to worsen for both health and the economy of our country. This can pose a great danger to students making it a rapid infectious chain which will make it impossible to fight and overcome and. After the decision of the government for students to give medical and engineering entrance exams has feared both parents and students for the upcoming. On seeing the scenario the thought of schools and colleges in India to reopen should be evaluated before taking any actions. The evaluation of this matter can be clearer with the onset of vaccine news. Reports tell that the Russian government has approached India’s government to manufacture the Sputnik V which will be the corona vaccine however many companies that make drugs have requested to not put a blind eye to the safety of people. Hence it will be sold in Indian markets after it proves to be effective and safe in clinical studies of phase 3. And even if this doesn’t show any miracle there are many drugs lined up for the cause like covi-shield and so no longer we will have vaccines in our reach. 

Note for precaution

It has been around six months for these institutes to be closed. Many of the colleges and schools were converted as COVID centres where patients were treated as beds in hospitals were at a shortage. Before the government decides for schools and colleges in India to reopen we should take care of certain things. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry and so it becomes important to carry out these measures strictly before and after the reopening of schools. Even a little carelessness can put not only your child in danger but others too. These instructions should not only follow by you religiously but you must also spread this word of information to others for all over beneficial and safety.

Before opening

–       The thorough cleaning and sanitizing of these institutions must take place. And hygienic conditions must be a priority to maintain and so spitting in the open shouldn’t be tolerated.

–       A required number of teachers and staff must be appointed to avoid unnecessary overcrowding.

–       Online lectures must continue and students must not be forced to attain the school/college.

–       The reopening of schools at containment zone shouldn’t take place and they must and they must continue with online lectures.

–       Open grounds or cafeteria must be sealed to avoid any possible gathering and for better regulation security cameras must be installed to check on the maintenance of social distancing.

–       Alcohol-based sanitizer, oximeter, and temperature checking machine should be kept hand for smooth regulation.

 Reopening of schools

After opening

  • Social distancing must be maintained and so only a few students must be allowed on the premises.
  • A student entering must have a guardian’s consent, N 95 mask, sanitizer, negative report for the virus, etc.
  • Attendance should not be taken on the biometric system to avoid unnecessary contacts.
  • All the events and sports or fests must be cancelled immediately.
  • Sharing of any substance whether food or stationery must be avoided.
  • Posters about compulsive precautions must be displays.
  • Students must wash their hands for at least 30 seconds.

To be better informed you must be updated on the standard operating procedures released by the health minister of India which can help for a safe and smooth functioning of schools opening from September. These protocols must be followed by all the states and union territories. To further enhance this process, the Arogya- setu application must be installed and others must be encouraged to do the same. The action of schools opening from September has been taken to cover up the loss of your studies by getting professional help from the teachers. If required, the child can also approach school counsellors for a face to face session so they can overcome all the mental problems they had during and after the lockdown.

Schools opening from September

In the end 

Before we pack our bags or celebrate for schools and colleges in India to reopen, let’s not forget the dire situation of the country and be an active and responsible citizen for wearing an N95 mask properly, washing or sanitizing hands frequently, not touch your face, maintain social distancing of at least six feet and if found positive of the virus then you must follow the procedure of home quarantine. This difficult situation can be overcome only if we stand together in it instead of spreading hate against caste, colour, gender, occupation, etc. At least for viruses, we all are equal.

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