Safest places to travel after Covid-19 pandemic ends!

Safest places to travel after Covid-19 pandemic ends!



Traveling: Essential for living

‘The train will be arriving in a few moments’, who knew that these annoying announcements will become the sweetest memory to miss the most. While many of us are waiting for the news of vaccination to unfold, others have even started packing bags to get out of their homes. The home for which several migrant workers and laborers lost their lives just so they could be together with their family in their homes. However, to take care of your mental and physical health it becomes a requirement to go out and get some fresh air, and perhaps it can be achieved if some protocols are taken. There are few safest places in India which have allowed tourism to increase the growth of the economy and you can get to know about it all but before let’s be clear with some basic rules and regulations. 

Rules and regulations


It doesn’t matter whether your dress is matching with the mask or not, instead, it is important to carry to wear N95 masks wherever you go and kindly avoid cloth, sponge or fashionable masks which are just meant to flaunt.


 Avoid public transportation and in fact, choose a destination that can be travelled by your own vehicle. Road trips are most optimal for such short vacations. If medium like airways is compulsive then abide by the rules of government and wear a PPE kit. It is now even allowed to carry your eatables whether in airplane or cinema.


Many states and places have different rules when it comes to quarantining to passenger. Some of them make it strict 14 days of isolation while many others demand negative results from virus tests. It is advisable to do thorough research of the place so you can plan your trip accordingly

Stay in

If it is mandatory to stay in a place then choose your accommodation wisely as many hotels and resorts follow strict procedures before giving a room and if any place doesn’t then it is advisable to report it. Always maintain hygienic conditions for not only your safety but for others as well.

Avoid crowd

 The only safest place in COVID-19 is the one having a minimal crowd. Always avoid the crowd or any possible human interaction. This can be achieved by avoiding any place at peak hours where the rush is expected. Perform the work online if it is possible or just plainly say no to friends for group reunions or any crowded place.


Always wear a mask properly enough to cover your mouth and nose. Keep a distance of 6 feet with any mortal to maintain social distancing and do not touch your face or any objects unnecessarily. It’s better to keep sanitizing yourself and your surroundings. If one follows these rules then only they are eligible to plan to travel to the safest places in COVID-19

The Safe Place

It’s not advisable to travel abroad for now but there are few safest places to travel which follow strict protocols given by the government and maintain the hygienic conditions making it to be the safest place in India which you wouldn’t like to miss:

Wildlife reserves in India 

After being locked in for months we did realize the value for freedom which caged animals certainly don’t get. So, one can visit sanctuaries and wildlife to appreciate the beauty of nature and its beings. One of these safest places in COVID-19 is the Bori Satpura tiger reserve which is located in Madhya Pradesh. It’s safe to go as it doesn’t have many visitors and it also has spectacular views which you wouldn’t want to miss. According to the rules over there, domestic passengers will be quarantined only if symptoms are shown whereas international passengers have to compulsorily complete fourteen days of the quarantine period

Wildlife reserves in India

Mountain ranges

One couldn’t say no for visiting hilly areas to experience that soothing hot cup of tea on the top of the hill or perhaps to make your social media viewers envious. There are few hilly areas which are the safest place to travel like – Atali, Rishikesh which is situated in Uttrakhand. It offers beautiful scenery along with the relaxing sound of the Ganga River flowing around your cottages. It can give an all-over upliftment to your spiritual level. Chail Hills in Himachal Pradesh is also one of the safest places to travel currently. It has a breathtaking view of greenery and valleys which is no less than a paradise. As an approval to visit such beautiful places, one must have a negative COVID report from a recognized lab. 

Going international could be tough! 

While littering the streets of India, one can’t resist the clean roads found abroad. There are few international countries which are open for tourism like- Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Austria, Georgia, and of course New Zealand which claims free from the coronavirus making it to be the safest place to travel. Many of these places conduct strict quarantine which can even be of over 2 months for a place like Korea. It’s better to have thorough research on the situations and protocols of the place.

Going international could be tough!

Need of the hour

In conclusion, it is agreeable that a change of view becomes mandatory when you are stuck in the same place for half a year. The government started lifting lockdown by the Month of August for many cities just so our fallen economy can stand back again and so eventually we did raise not just in GDP but also in the number of coronavirus cases, making us the second most affected country. There will always be a risk even if you go for the safest places in India. It is advisable to carry your mask as if it is a part of your face, to keep sanitizing your hands, and to avoid touching your face and the most important one is to maintain social distancing. One should abide by these rules even if you go to a vegetable shop or Las Vegas. Perhaps travel only when it is very important because after all with freedom comes with great responsibility to handle

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