RealMe V3 might launch in India as the cheapest 5G phone of India

RealMe V3 might launch in India as the cheapest 5G phone of India



Want a good quality smartphone but can’t afford one ? Realme is all set to launch the top two phones Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro along with a super-featured budget phone Realme V3 which is quoted by the company to be the cheapest 5G phone in the world right now, making it to be the prime highlight of September news. Brands from china aim to provide quality products at a minimum price. After all the entire population of the country doesn’t earn just to spend it on the phones and electronics. The former vice president of Oppo Electronics, Ski Li launched this brand on May 4, 2018. This brand is under BBK Electronics, a multinational firm in China. They started their company on a single goal to provide the young generation with technology having beauty. Perhaps they wanted to produce a phone with stylish design and solid performance which could be afforded without selling a kidney or two! Its journey started in India in 2018 as a sub-brand of oppo. After a few months and launches, it managed to gain enough attention to become an independent brand. After all the successful launches, it is now launching the cheapest 5G phone “Realme V3” which you can’t afford to miss. Along with smartphones, this brand also sells earphones, power banks, phone cases, television, etc.

What is making Realme V3 so cheap?

Unlike the smartphones of Samsung, Apple, and Nokia these Chinese smartphones are way too cheap. Realme is one of them which doesn’t quote high prices for high brand values. They are still in the process of building their goodwill. Even though these Chinese brands handle the major share of electronic goods in India. They invest smartly as instead of wasting on building shops to reach their customers they believe in approaching the buyers through online shopping applications. When it comes to making and processing of these phones, the companies use less premium quality of display, metals, and plastics to cover the budget when compared with companies like Samsung or Apple. Many other Chinese brands like Vivo, Xiaomi, and Oppo don’t even invest in developing software or designing a new product instead they modify here and there and sometimes even miss onto useful components to stick to the available budget. Such independent brands can only compete in the Indian market if their price is kept low.

Features of the Cheapest 5G Phone Realme V3 

So, what is all the fuss about this phone? What makes it different from all the other Chinese smartphones? The highlight of the phone is that it will be the cheapest 5G phone. So now you won’t be able to use poor network conditions as your excuse. We all were astonished by the triple camera feature of the apple IPhone which We saw coming in other smartphones as well, however, now the upcoming Realme is all set to launch a triple camera setup of 13- megapixels sensor along with a two-megapixel sensor which will surely fulfill all the photography passion you once had and perhaps now you can stop polishing the boots of your friends having DSLR and cameras. 

The display will be as big as 6.52-inch HD+, enough to give you a cinematic feel for all your series and movies. This phone will be running on Android 10 with dual sim. Along with features like 3.5mm headphone jack, 5000 mAh battery, and 18W fast charging, it will also have a fingerprint scanner. According to reports, Realme is likely to have a 64GB base storage and 6GB of RAM. It is also said that this phone is as light as 189.5 grams which means that you can scroll for hours and your hands won’t even complain a bit. However, the headline of Realme cheapest 5G phone will be enough to intrigue the customers.

The ultimate competition

Even though there are many controversies and disagreements between India and China, we still can’t deny our love for Chinese products. Being an Indian we all tend to look for quality products at cheap rates and only Chinese companies suffice are needs till now posing a big competition to Indian and international companies competing in the Indian market. The upcoming cheapest 5G phone will be a leading step in front of all the established phone companies. In the hour of a pandemic where the economy is going down and unemployment is increasing, this phone will be a better option to invest on and with increasing cases you don’t even need to go to the store to buy it as these phones would be available on online shopping apps where you can place an order just with a single touch. Hence, selling off the Realme cheapest 5G phones will be abided by the government rules and avoids any possible human contact. Thus to survive in the Indian market, other brands need to come up with different features altogether and something unique and better than the Realme Cheapest 5G phone “Realme V3”.

Realme Cheapest 5G phone “Realme V3”

Million Dollar question – What would be the price of this so-called Cheapest 5G phone in the World?

Realme V3’s price would start around at CNY 999 which would be Rs 10,999 in India for the base variant with 6GB of RAM and 64 GB storage. The mid-variant of the phone will come with high storage of 128 GB and 6GB RAM being priced around CNY 1399 which would be Rs 14,500 in India. The highest variant of the phone will come with 8GB RAM and 128 GB storage priced at CNY 1599 which would be anywhere around Rs 17,200 in India.

This is a great option for all the tech enthusiasts out there and now there is no need to give all your hard-earned savings just to a smartphone, perhaps you can add more items to your shopping lists. But before you go buying any of these smartphones it is always better to look out for the features and compare it to other options. This RealMe budget phone is surely going to steal the attention of many people in India as it comes with the motive of “Cheapest 5G phone in the world”. Let’s see how it will shape its demand!

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