Philanthropy and its importance in today’s era


In today’s era we compare happiness by the amount of riches one is having. It’s a belief that if you can afford the lavish lifestyles and have abroad trips or at least pose to do it on social media then society considers you to be the happiest and blessed, should that be true?

 It’s still a debatable topic whether money brings happiness or not but we do have some facts which will make your opinions a little clear by the end.

History: The term philanthropy was coined by Aeschylus, a Greek playwright, meaning to love people.

George Peabody is the acknowledged father of modern philanthropy; he was a financier based in Baltimore and London who began to endow libraries and museums in the United States, In London, he also funded housing for poor people.  

However, there is one example of a philanthropist that we all are very aware of:  

  • Santa Claus: He is also known as Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle. For kids, he was a jolly man in red who bought toys and candies in forms of gifts to all the kids. He was believed to be born around 280A.D. in Patara. In modern day Turkey. As someone have rightly said that one can never be poor by giving. St. Nicholas not only gave away all of his inherited wealth but also traveled around the countryside to help the poor and sick. Santa Claus is one thousand seven hundred and forty-nine years old however his deeds are still celebrated in many countries in the form of Christmas, bringing smiles on the face of children.
Santa Claus
  • Mother Teresa: How can we talk about charity without mentioning the legendary catholic nun who dedicated her entire life to care for the destitute and dying in slums of Calcutta – now called Kolkata. She saw beauty in every human being and she not only served the poorest of the poor but also lived among like them for which she was facilitated with many awards and one of them was noble prize in 1979.
  • Common mindset: However now there stands a belief that almost everyone has a mindset, that one has done their part after paying taxes for everything. After all, now it’s the government’s job to ensure about the basic facilities to the poor and needy.

But even after paying taxes for so many years we still hear reports of millions of children dying in a year due to starvation, collapsing of bridges or buildings, increasing of poverty due to unemployment rate or hospitals not having stock of medicines or skilled staff. We don’t take it to be our problem and blame government to work for the solution however just how a car can’t travel without a help from a small screw to a steering wheel, similarly government can’t operate smoothly without our help and support. Being a responsible citizen it becomes our duty to become an asset to our country. We can always help through!

  1. Money: Being well off can be an asset due to your lucky stars or the hard work of your fore fathers. Which can lead you to travel abroad , wear fancy clothes and click pictures from your  latest Apple phones, however before upgrading on your APPLE gadgets don’t forget to have a look on the charity they do. 
  • Apple claims that their internal giving program has raised more than three hundred and sixty-five million dollars for the non- profit organization where employee volunteers with a non-profit organisation.

Or some idols we all look up to –

  • Warren Buffet: He is an American investor, business tycoon and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway who claimed to give ninety-nine percent of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Bill gates: Needless to say, he is the co-founder of Microsoft company who was adjudged as the seventh most philanthropic person in 2019 as he donated millions to charity. He also pledged billions of dollars to fight the virus.
  • Mukesh Ambani: A very well-known Indian billionaire who is the owner and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries ltd. He not only gave millions to charity and free internet to citizens for months but also aims to create as many jobs as possible for his Indians.

It wouldn’t be possible for many of us  to donate millions but one can always buy a meal, pay fair to workers or sponsor education to the person in need.

  1. Talent – Most of the population of many countries can’t even afford to meet basic needs of their life so charity only seem a good option if it’s done to them. However, you can always propagate your skills and talent for free for unprivileged people as they can learn new skills which will help them to earn through it. There are many teachers and academies who teaches children for minimal fees and some for even free. During pandemic of corona many people took free online workshops to educate and train their audience.
  1. Time and Efforts: Before coming out of an excuse for not having enough money or talent, you should know that one of the major resource is time and efforts which you can always make by.
  • Donate old clothes and toys
  • Giving out extra food to needy which will also avoid the wastage of food
  • Volunteer in Non- profit organizations
  • Giving shelter to the homeless during any natural disasters

Final Words

You can come with a lot of excuses to not help or donate and a lot of opportunities to cater to humanity. Instead of seeing it as a chance to do it for your CV and resumes, look at differences you would be making in their life which can’t be calculated.

Money can bring you the unlimited luxury and probably happiness too but if you take even a little amount from your daily expense and invest in unprivileged lives then you will not only bring the precious smile on their face but also it will provide you immense amount of peace, more than you ever had.


World is already in a painful shade brings some good change before you fade.

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