One Plus to launch its Rs 9,999 Smartphone!


On December of 2013 Pete Lau and Carl Pei came up with one plus technology which was a Chinese Smartphone. It was launched in Shenzhen situated in Guangdong. They preach to never settle for low quality of phones provided by other companies. By the year of 2018 in July, they were serving around thirty- four countries and regions in India. Even though it marked its territory in India on December of 2014 by launching one plus one through application of Amazon, by 2014 it got struck by a hard decision by the supreme court of India who imposed a ban on the import and selling of one plus one phones. Though this ban was lifted soon after few days and Oneplus had the utmost liberty to land in India. And the rest is history, as from then Oneplus has beaten some of the giants like Samsung, Huawei, Apple by more than 26 percentages making it to be the best premium smartphone company of India in 2019. They gained popularity among the customers as they kept their devices very simple which could be handy in day to day usage. In fact, the upcoming one plus budget phone will be a total game changer in many aspects.

Oneplus budget phone would follow the footsteps of OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 was launched in June, 2019 in India which priced around Rs 33,000. Oneplus 7 has some of the flagship features like Oxygen OS, 6GB RAM, 128GB of internal storage and octa- core as a processor. There were insights that OnePlus might avail some of the features of OnePlus 7 into their upcoming Oneplus budget phone. It is also being assumed that OnePlus will target mostly the market segment of battery-concerned group, availing a battery above 6000mah of power.  

Expected features 

Some of the features are leaked online and it is said to have a display of 6.52 inches in HD+ and even though it has 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM it can still be increased with a microSD card help. The upcoming OnePlus budget phone is expected to have fast charging with a charger of 18W and a hell long battery life. The exciting part is that it will have 3.5mm of headphone jack which has almost gone invisible these days. It is the best option for photographers out there who cannot afford expensive cameras and lenses as this phone will come up with a setup of a triple camera at back along with a primary sensor of 13 megapixels. It is also believed that its rear will even hold feature to sensor fingerprints. This one plus budget phone is planning to enter the market with a device code named CLOVER which possibly can be the Nord Lite. However, the customers believe that the most attractive part about is that it will be getting the Oneplus phone at Rs 9,999.

Probable Competition awaiting

Oneplus is planning to launch its entry level Budget phone so that it can acquire major stakes in the aspects of shares in the Budget phone sector. Before, only 5.5 million phones were sold in a year which was much less than Google Pixel sold in the previous year. Even though Oneplus 8 and their series were high technology flagships with well- equipped features, they still couldn’t get the expected sales or shares as it was released during the pandemic where economy of countries were crashing down and so it proved to be the wrong time for launch as people weren’t able to afford that expensive phone and it was only a luxury, not a necessity at that time of hour. To get back into the game, Oneplus is planning to widen the band of its audience by announcing Oneplus budget Smartphone at Rs 9,999 so people can afford it easily. Instead of launching 5G range phones in U.S. they will launch entry level Oneplus budget phone which will be ideal to get the margins. 

In order to chase the sales figure and make a mark on the dominating territory of Nokia and Motorola, cutting the budget seems an ideal plan. This step will give real competition to phone companies like Redmi, Realme, Samsung, Nokia, Vivo, Oppo and other budget and mid-range dominating companies. 


 You would have heard people boycotting Chinese products but why does it change when it comes to their phones? As India has already banned 59 apps of china due to security issues and more so it does poses questions whether government will ban phones like oppo, vivo, Oneplus, etc in India. As 50% of Smartphone market share in India is influenced by the Chinese phone companies, it would surely affect a large part of our economy. In fact, china accounts for more than 70% for Smartphone components in India.  Without any doubt the Chinese products meets the customer demands and most importantly it caters their needs at cheapest of prices and if similar mechanism is not taken out by India then banning all the china products can lead to downfall of Indians economy. This poses some fear to customers when they go to buy Chinese products and so non- Chinese Smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung has been seeing a surge in demand due to its revelation.

Final Words

The new upcoming Oneplus budget smartphone seems to be a good option for all the tech enthusiasts out there and even for people who are looking for the best quality phone at affordable prices. This One plus budget phone will surely create good interests for the low or small budget sector who have to satisfy with the inferior qualities of the Redmi and the Vivo. The Brand name of Oneplus will itself be a highlight in the brains of consumers to get inclined for its value.  Hence, the Oneplus phone coming at Rs 9,999 will not only drive sales but also increase shares of the market which will lead to good competition among companies, and who knows that due to this we might start getting the best quality products at low prices.

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