The World’s most dominant dribbler and undoubtedly one of the all-time greatest Lionel Messi is unhappy with his club which was more like a family to him, FC BARCELONA. He had quoted his interest for exit in a burofax that arrived FC Barcelona’s office on Tuesday Afternoon. In the burofax, Messi mentioned his desire to exit and wants to quit the club with which he had achieved wonders in the world of football. It was one of the dreadful letters Barca fans and FCB office would have ever received!


This came in when FC Barca faced some of the most embarrassing loses in the Champions League and in the LaLiga before. It got much heater when Barca was annihilated by Bayern by 8-2. Messi seemed helpless in the game against Bayern and was looking unhappy and disappointed with the team’s management. That game against Bayern triggered a lot of things as the manager Quique Setien and their sporting director Eric Abidal were fired soon after. 

Though this was not just it, as Messi seemed to be frustrated with Club’s leadership and management which had come to a breaking point now. Messi showed his emotions in the bluntest way by sending a fax to the Barca office seeking for exit. Though the immediate move does not guarantee his exit as the club quotes that Messi has lost the right of free transfer by June 10, 2020. Therefore, the Argentinian cannot exercise his free transfer. He is bound with a contract to stay in Barcelona for one more year and a release clause now would cost him 700 million euros ($830 million). This presents a gloomy picture of whether Messi’s transfer will be executed or not. Though it is clear that Messi is not happy with the club and is seeking for exit.

At the age of 33, when footballers count their last games, Lionel Messi is still at the top of his game earning the highest salary in the football world of more than $70 million a year. That kind of contract and financial commitment hardly any club can afford. So, it seems possible for only the rich football clubs in the Premier League, Italian league or may be French League to afford a player like Messi if he goes on market. Clubs would be eager to have him on the market!

Though Messi has never portrayed his interests regarding any club where he might land after exit from Barcelona, still there are some clubs who seem probable candidates to go for him. Manchester City and Paris-Saint-German!

Manchester City and Paris-Saint-German are backed by the largest spenders in the Football Club. Manchester City, owned by a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family, could help Messi reunite with his Former manager Pep Guardiola who together won many wonders of the game in the years of 2008 – 2012. Paris-Saint-German on the other hand is owned by an arm of Qatar’s sovereign-wealth fund, who has already funded the world’s biggest transfers of Neymar and Mbappe. Other probable clubs could be Inter Milan, Manchester United, and Chelsea who are also backed by large investors and are associated by Messi’s biggest sponsor Adidas. 

Messi’s biggest sponsor Adidas

At some point Messi’s salary would also pinch a bit on Barca’s account as his net salary costs almost double to the club after taxes. This pandemic got the club’s financial condition worser as they are down to a deficit of around 300 million euros ($300 million). Loosing Messi would surely be a big blow to the club because of the performance he brings on to the pitch but at the same time it might be a good chance for Barca to create a window and produce transfers which could rebuild a strong core for the club.

Though this transfer is not going to be as easy as it seems as there stands a lot of technicalities between the Argentinian and the Club. As the end of the season has completed and he had the chance then to leave, he missed it and now there might be difficulties on his way. 

FC Barcelona is the only club; Messi have ever played in his professional career. He was selected in the Barca’s legendary youth academy when he was 13-year-old. He moved at the age of 13 from Argentina and officially got selected to play for the club at a very young age of 17 and the rest is history. Barcelona has been the club to him which made him Football’s greatest. He clinched a massive 634 goals for the club and won countless major trophies for his team. 

When Lionel Messi won his 6th Ballon D’or, he quoted his love for the Club as being beyond just a piece of contract. His relationship with the club was so strong that no one, even him could’ve expected this day. Messi was not happy with the club’s Leadership and Management. 

He was known to be in a bad relationship with the club’s president Josep Maria Bartomeu regarding the transfer policy. Messi also had fallen personally with the club’s sporting Director Eric Abidal after Abidal criticized some important players of Barca indirectly as “some players are not working hard enough for the club”.

It was the first time when one of the quietest players in football ‘Lionel Messi’ burst out on his Instagram as “Players are responsible for what happened on the pitch, and we are also responsible to acknowledge when we are not good, but those who are responsible for the sports management must also know their responsibilities and above everything take accountability for the decisions they make”.

The chaos has flared out and we don’t know how this will end up. But it is clear that Messi is seeking an exit from his 19-year-old journey with FC Barcelona. Many former Barca legends have shown their support with Messi’s decision and want the club to encourage the same. Messi has been the greatest player for Barca ever and he deserves the best Departure!   

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