Leadership books to motivate you during your difficult times

Leadership books to motivate you during your difficult times


8 New Books That Will Make You A Better Leader In 2021

‘2020’ has been a roller-coaster which goes only upwards, for every one of us. This year we have seen it all from natural disasters to the man-made disasters. It has been a very tough year for all of us whether it is mentally or physically. In such a type of environment, it is very necessary to be positive, hence we should all intentionally try to find resources that will help us cope up with this uncertainty than ever before. These resources can inspire us, motivate us to lead this life positively, and also we can lead others with ourselves. Here are some motivational books which can help you to improve your life. These books can help you to get through ‘The highs and lows of 2020’.

Daring Greatly 

This year many of us have encountered bizarre personal and professional struggles, where we all understood that showing susceptibility or exposure has become a crucial skill. Daring Greatly written by Brene Brown, which is a New York Times bestseller, illustrates the conclusion we get when we are more willingly susceptible with each other and when we hold a room for others. As we must turn bad times into opportunities like a Leader does and Daring Greatly can help you to do that precisely.

Friday Forward 

Friday Forward is one of the most inspirational books you can ever read, which written by Robert Glazer. CEO and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Robert glazer sent a note to his team of 40 each Friday in 2015. Friday Forward is a curated collection of 52 most effective and impressive stories from the series, which are organized in such a structure that it will help you to set your goals and attain best leadership qualities, which can inspire others too. The book shows that after constant hustle for doing small actions brings the most effective movements over a period of time. It one of the best leadership books, which helps you to leave an influence on the people in your life.

Girl Decoded

This book is an extraordinary record of experiences written by Rana el-Kaliouby. She is a technology entrepreneur, and in this book she shares about her transformation from quite child growing up in Cairo city, to one of the world’s chief authorities on human communication with Artificial Intelligence. She looks forward to advance Artificial Intelligence which can read better and which can communicate with human emotions. This book leaves a positive remark on future of human interactions and Artificial Intelligence. The combination of Rana el-Kaliouby’s transformation and efforts makes this book, the best leadership book you can read which will help you uplift and absorb leadership qualities.

The Garden

The Garden is an inspirational book written by Jon Gordon. The writer is the bestselling author for eight of his books and his latest book is a powerful story of building positivity to face fear and uninvited trouble. In this book the writer shares prosecutable steps which anyone can use to oppose fear and doubt in their life. This book provides an optimistic inspiration to improve your leadership qualities and achieve your goals. This is perfect motivational book to face the uncertainty we all are going through this year.


Limitless written by Jim Kwik is a book, were we can reimagine our mental capabilities and which can inspire you to level up the mental game. Jim Kwik is a coach who helps leaders to train their brains and reconsider their mental capabilities. This book can help you to improve your mindset and master new skills in a very short span of time. He also shares proven tactics to make smart decision quickly, read faster and learn new skills quicker. It is one of the best motivational books which can help you restructure your thinking capacities and learning new skills. Basically this book can gives you a mental transformation which is as necessary as physical transformation.

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do 

This book is written by Psychologist and bestselling author Amy Morin. This book is basically a guide to build mental flexibility and power required to combat any unwanted situation. This book also holds the detail of Amy Morin’s TED Talk and also includes 13 vital behaviors to avoid mishaps. This is a motivational book which helps to cope up with hardships. One can learn a lot from Morin’s work and can be a better Leader who can coach their fellow mates to conquer their goals which also proves that it is one of the best leadership books.

Can’t Hurt Me

This is an inspirational book written by David Goggins. It is a record of experiences by the writer, where he beats the odds and becomes one of the most inspiring soldiers in the American Armed forces. The writer had grown up under an enormous burden of physical abuse, discrimination, and poverty so this story of him overcoming terrible circumstances will inspire you to change your life and become a better version of yourself. This book is a journey of Goggins life, where he is vulnerable to various troubles but he never gives up and overcomes all his fear and strives for a better life. He succeeds in his life with tremendous efforts which for sure can motivate you to become a Leader.

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Final Takeaways

Everyone is facing a really hard time to strive through this year. The need for inspiration becomes very necessary more than ever, to face this year. The mentioned books are a great resource for you, to keep you motivated and inspired, to get through these hard times. You should push yourselves out of your comfort zone to acquire Leadership qualities and these books can help you attain it. We should never stop learning and achieving more and books proves to be one of the best resources to face this uncertainty. Each book mentioned has its own perspective towards becoming a leader which can help you to become a better leader.   

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