In the world were, mishaps and hazard arrives with no invitation, security of house becomes very essential. Home is the place where we keep the most valuable things of our lives also it is the space where we perceive peace. An individual always expects security, privacy and peace at home; therefore it is very important to have a proper and high security for the same. For which Door locks comes in very handy, as with the use of door locks an individual can stay stress free regarding the security of the house. A proper Door Lock protects from intruders, increases the reliability, provides a sense of peace, decreases the chances of theft and robbery and reduces the chances of illegal use of property. 

There is a wide range of Door locks available in the market, from which one can choose an appropriate Door Lock for the sake of protection from any trouble. From key and lock to keyless smart locks and systems, Door Locks have evolved in order to provide foremost security to the homes that the place where we keep the most precious things of our lives. Door locks are of different types like some of the locks are meant to lock the door from only inside while the others are meant to lock the door from outside or the one which locks the door from both inside or outside that is from both ways.

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  1. A circular padlock:

This padlock is the most basic lock present on doors. This is mostly the cheapest door locks present. It is a lot more thicker than the simple padlock though a bit tough to be broken. These locks are designed to lock the doors from outside. A lot of hassle can be observed with such kind of locks as they are solely based on keys for opening the door. These are not the ideal locks to prevent the space with lot of precious information or items as they are easy to break as compared to the other door locks. One can use these locks for providing the basic security for their personal space.

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  1. A Deadbolt Lock:

Due to separate mechanism deadbolts give an extra edge security.

Deadbolt can be based on single cylinder deadbolt or double cylinder deadbolt. A double cylinder deadbolt provides an extra layer of security as the “key” is used to unlock the door from outside and one cannot lock the door from inside without a key. 

Deadbolt with single cylinder on the other hand, has twist-knob on the inner side and has space for only one key from the outer sides. These locks can be used to lock from internal side too, as the knob present on the internal side helps one to look the door from internal side also there is no need of key for locking the door from internal side. The key side is present on the external side so that it can be locked from outside with a key.  

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However double cylinder deadbolts are the most efficient and reliable as one cannot lock it from inside without a key and this can be most efficient to secure home from burglars. Also, Deadbolts are more reliable than any other bolts and hence are one of the prominent locks used.

  1. A Simple Doorknob:

These simple Doorknobs are seen everywhere as they are attractive as well as provide the needed security. With a combination of Deadbolts, the security provided by these locks is improved and advanced. Doorknobs are present on either side and can be based on a single cylinder mechanism or double cylinder mechanism based on the choice of locking of the door lock that is either from outside or from both the sides.

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These doorknobs are reliable for the purpose of privacy of any individual and hence it also can be used on the doors of bathroom and bedrooms.

  1. Electronic or smart locks:

In today’s era of digital development basic locks are evolved to electronic or smart locks. These are key less locks with either card system or keypad system. Due to a keyless system this is a hassle-free way for opening and closing of the door. These locks provide an advanced level of security. These locks are not only locks but are a whole system, as it can record the video and audio of the person trying to unlock the door. However such locks close the door automatically providing a reliable option to roam without keys. 

The locks work on battery therefore it is very important to charge the battery or replace the battery from time to time. A substitute key is offered to avoid such consequences with a substitute key hole. 

These locks can also be connected to smartphones in order to open the locks through smartphones. This helps to access entry to the people with our permission in case we are away from the home to open the lock. Connecting smartphones to the locks have advantage of allowance of the person into the home. 

Smartphones can be connected to locks through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Z-wave.

  • Bluetooth is the basic connectivity access provided by the manufactures of the locks and hence it helps to connect smartphones to smart locks without any hub.

Smart Door Lock-zinc Alloy-Fingerprint Lock Home Security Door ...

But it cannot be accessed from distance, you have to be present near the smart lock to connect and unlock it.

  • Wi-Fi is yet another connection option for connecting the mobile to the smart locks and unlock it. Wi-Fi connection allows operating and controlling the lock from anywhere through the internet. Such locks are not favorable for long terms in terms of battery life as it drains battery very fast than that of Bluetooth connected smart locks. 
  •  Z-wave is a cross of both connections.  It has to connect through a hub, to access smart locks through an internet connected mobile. It also has a specific range of the hub to work. Any signal strengtheners may increase the signal intensity and widen the range of Z-wave.

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