JEE, NEET Exams not postponed - Exam center’s list and other related updates!

JEE, NEET Exams not postponed- Exam center’s list and other related updates!


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After a stretched out series of protests against conducting entrance exams due to ongoing pandemic, The Supreme Court  decided not to postpone the NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance TEST) 2020 and the JEE-Mains (Joint Entrance Exam) 2020. Many petitions were signed by parents and students for postponing the exams, as the ongoing pandemic can result in enormous rise in the numbers of  COVID-19 patients. According to press statement of NTA  (National Testing Agency), which conduct these entrance exams quotes that, “The exams will be conducted with all due precautions and the exams are not going to be postponed”. The details related to conducting these exams are released by NTA and can be authenticated through the official website “” for JEE-Mains 2020 and the “” for NEET 2020. 

The postponement of these exams would lead to tremendous loss of an academic year for 16 Lakh NEET aspirants and 8.5 Lakh JEE-Mains candidates. Hence the Ministry of Education has filed an affidavit against the postponement of these entrance exams. Thus NTA clarifies that it cannot defy the SC orders, and cannot further delay the exams. As delay in exams will put an end to the dreams of many aspirants, and the situation cannot be analyzed due to the pandemic being unpredictable and hence NTA prefers to generalize the virus in norms. NTA has assured that, it will ensure proper safety precautions required, in its statement. NTA has also released safety guidelines for JEE-Mains 2020 and NEET 2020 on their respective official websites to ensure safety for both students and the invigilators. Supreme court has rejected all the petitions regarding the postponement of JEE-Mains 2020 and NEET 2020 and has stated that, The Education must be open, as Covid-19 is going to continue for one more year or more and no student can afford the loss of education and career for 2 consecutive years or maybe more, as the living span of the deadly virus may be longer than the estimated time. Also Supreme Court has advised NTA to take appropriate decisions for safety of candidates.

Exam Date and Admit card:

In the above mentioned official websites, candidates who want to appear the NEET and JEE-Mains can check their exam center details. Admit cards will be released as soon as possible on the same official website. Admit cards for JEE-Mains 2020 have been already  released on their official website. The JEE-Mains 2020 exams are scheduled to be held from 1-6 September and the NEET 2020 exam will be conducted on 13th September. Earlier to this growth, the Union Government reported that, the exams won’t be postponed. Despite of the students and parents, who have been protesting for postponement of the exams, as the world is facing the crisis due the ongoing pandemic, Supreme Court declined and rejected this plea on 17th August 2020.  Supreme Court was moreover very much clear about conducting the examinations on the scheduled dates, as the exams were already postponed twice due to lockdown. Out of 8,58,273 candidates 6,49,223 of JEE-Mains 2020 aspirants have downloaded their admit cards.

Examination centers for JEE-mains 2020 and NEET 2020:

A list of the Examination centers for JEE mains 2020 had been provided for the preference of appropriate center as per the candidate’s choice on the official website to ease the difficulty of travelling. Also, the examination centers were increased in numbers for practicing the safety guidelines and social distancing.  According to Ministry of Education 99.07 per cent of JEE-main candidates have been provided with their preferred choice of the examination centers, while 99.87 per cent of NEET aspirants are able to access their preferred choice of examination center. The examination centers will be completely sanitized and the fingerprints of the students will not be taken. Also, the invigilators will not be provided with any refreshment in the Examination center.  According to NTA, it had allowed JEE-Main candidates to change their allotted examination center as per their preferred choices for 5 times, in order to ease the concern about safety and health. According to the sources, the requests for changes in center were handled sympathetically and carefully.

Safety scheme  for JEE-Mains 2020 and NEET 2020 Examination:

NTA has given a detailed safety scheme addressing the current situations along with the release of examination center. According to NTA, this scheme ensures the conscientiousness required for conducting such extensive exams like JEE-Mains2020 and NEET 2020 while securing the safety of the candidates who are appearing for these entrance exams in the Examination centers for JEE-mains and NEET 2020. NTAs safety scheme ensures secure and safe surrounding throughout the exam process while practicing touch free processes and expect to integrate the safety measures by both the students and the stake holders for managing a safe conduct of examination. The safety scheme also manages to follow the guidelines provided by the Government of India regarding social distancing. According to the examination center guidelines on hygiene protocol fresh mask and gloves will be provided to the candidates on demand of the students, and there will dustbins present on exits so that the used masks and gloves are disposed properly then and there itself. The staff will be trained to maintain the decorum with a scope of maintaining social distance. Also the seats at the examination center are devised to ensure candidates safety. 

JEE, NEET exams will not be postponed, reiterates government

Safety plan on the day of examination, JEE-mains 2020 and NEET 2020:

The NTA has designed a standard operating procedure to avoid chaos on the day of examination. These guidelines should be followed strictly to avoid crowds, maintaining social distancing, and maintaining the safety of candidate. Hence NTA has designed an operating procedure which is divided into three stages. Pre-exam control Measures, exam conduct control, and post exam controls. It helps one to recognize the hygiene protocols and helps in maintaining the same. It will reduce the chances of the spread of the pandemic. The detailed and complete guidelines have been uploaded by NTA on its official websites which must be strictly followed during JEE-Mains 2020 and NEET 2020 examination.

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