India to get free Corona virus vaccine within 73 days!

India to get free Corona virus vaccine within 73 days!


According to the reports, Serum Institute of India claims that if the vaccine, developed by Oxford University is proven immunogenic and effective then it’s availability will be confirmed for the further manufacture. Serum Institute of India claims to register for Phase II and III clinical trials on Covishield (name of the vaccine) with the Clinical Trials Registry of India (CTRI) and claims that trials will be experimented on around 1,600 healthy participants of India. And luckily Phase 2 and phase 3 conduction of clinical trials is now also approved by the drug controller of India. If everything goes well then, the vaccine will be commercialized within seventy-three days and Indians will be immunized for free. 

The ICMR-Bharat Biotech is also trying out trials to take out vaccines and like any other companies they are also there in race. It is in collabration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), and Zydus Cadila, are in human clinical trials in phase-I and II simultaneously. Many independent institutes and government agencies all over the world are working day and night to work out on the vaccine. From Russia to India, everyone are hopeful for the vaccine to come out soon without any delay. With the increasing cases of virus, vaccine seems to be only possible solution.

Life is quite uncertain, and we all realized this fact in few months. Just when we started taking everything for granted from nature to our families and our mental health and care we all got hit by a pandemic – corona virus and learnt some hard lessons that 2020 gave us in all together. we all our quite aware with the terms like ‘corona virus’, ‘lockdown’, ‘social distancing’ and of course the ‘vaccine’ for which we all are waiting for months and before getting more into that first, Let’s have a brief of the journey we all went through bravely.


Chinese government identified cases of virus by December of 2019 in Wuhan, China. This virus was transmittable causing symptoms like cold, cough, headache, lose of taste buds, fever, weakness, etc. Many countries got aware of the situations and took the necessary actions while some country took it lightly causing them to lose thousands of lives. Countries like china, Italy and Spain were already converted into deathbeds and then India came into picture.


Unaware of the upcoming, we all were busy with our tight schedules travelling freely without any fear but then came mid- March when announcement of lockdown was made by our prime minister- Narendra Modi. Schools and trains were converted into Covid unit care and tension was high as there was no income to depend upon or any food to share. It was a difficult phase to adjust to this stillness, people whined about from gaining weight to losing their jobs. Economy went many years behind and depression index was quite ahead. Workers walked miles to go back to their homes where some of them even lost their lives in process while many of them were busy having communal and religious conflicts. It was a dark time surrounding us but with the help of our Covid-warriors like doctors, nurses, police officers, and scientist who were engrossed day and night so that we could sleep in our houses fine. We took a lot of time to adapt to this new normal of wearing masks, sanitizing yourself and place and social distancing every time. Even though today we all are sitting apart but still we all are connected to each other through social media and calls.


There were times when people of India were about to fall in a pit of war with China. Many of our Indian soldiers lost their lives to Chinese troops because of border issue. Over three months they had many diplomatic and military talks but nothing bought the desirable results so far. The border dispute has a long way to be resolved and both Indian and Chinese army are refusing to come out on a common ground. We surely don’t want India and china relations to go back to 1962 but without coming out for a conclusion, this issue seems to be hanging on a cliff. With everyone blaming china for the corona virus the racial discrimination is reaching a new height, instead of peace people are opting to disregard people from china and in this process instead of working together and finding solutions, we all our busy creating hate and conspiracies for Chinese people. Let’s not forget the lesson we all learnt as kids that world is our home.


New normal

Slowly and gradually we all have accepted this whole new change and are trying to live through it by abiding by the rules. With the note of being independent (Atmanirbhar) we all our proceeding to new digital India. Some are watching different shows with online lectures running in background while others are protesting government to postpone the entrance exams of medical and engineering students. People have also started going to their work by maintaining all the rules and regulations. Still the schools, colleges and entertaining places like theatres and clubs remains to be closed and there are strict actions taken if group of people accumulate in an area. And so now silently we all are wishing and praying vaccine to come out soon.


It’s not certain that whether we will be liberated from this virus or not but one also can’t lose hope. This may take few years or only seventy-three days, in any case we must not lose faith. Before we step on to the new phase let’s not forget the lessons, we all learnt during the period of lockdown. Let’s remember to cherish those precious moments we all spent with our families, the improving quality of nature, supporting of small shops or business owners and the importance of being kind to each other and to yourself. After all we were and are in this together and we will come out of it very soon.

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