India building its own powerful missile using Russian missiles?

India building its own powerful missile using Russian missiles?


India's most potent missile Agni-V to be inducted soon - The Economic Times

The Former army chief General V.K Singh had revealed that 97% of Indian Air Defence weapons was no longer in use in the year 2014. It was very clear after this statement that Indian air defence is out-dated and is carrying a death wish as two of our neighboring country is armed with nuclear bombs. However upcoming generation of air defence is coming up with a strategy to create a ‘dome of iron’ over India, which will have the potential to deflect missiles, aircraft and drones. Government of India had decided to acquire the S-400 Triumf from Russia earlier in October 2018, which is almost a clear indication that India is finally getting its acts together which is as factual as Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD).

More about India’s New Missile

India is all set for the arrival of India’s new missile, which is currently under production in Russia. It will first undergo a number of series and trials before its arrival to India which is by the end of 2021. As part of the emergency, Russia is going to supply certain kinds of bombs and missiles to Indian Air Forces as well as to the Indian Army as the tension with China at the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh is increasing day by day. Recently Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had visited Russia to review all the defence contracts signed and those mentioned in the agenda are completed. According to the contract, the production will start within 24 months after the payment of the first transaction of the 5.2 billion dollar deal. Although this contract was signed in October 2018, the payment took time because both the countries had to figure out a way around the US sanctions against Russia.   

Capabilities of S-400  

In the Russian arsenal meant for export, S-400 is the most modern air defence system. Within the range of 400km, S-400 has a capacity to destroy incoming hostile missiles, drones, and also aircraft. The tracking ability of S-400 is nearly 600 km. At a distance of 400km, it can knock out any flying targets including those targets with stealth technologies and which are highly equipped. Its system is designed in such a way that it has the capability of knocking down the ballistic missiles and hypersonic targets. Its firing rate is 2.5 times faster than S-300, the predecessor of S-400. Each battery of S-400 consists of long-range radar, target acquiring radar, command post vehicle, and 2 battalions of launchers. S-400 can be equipped with 4 different types of missiles with ranges of 400km, 250km, 120km, and 40 km. While being able to engage with several targets at a single time, the long-range radar can record more than 100 flying targets synchronously. The addition of S-400 to India’s New Missiles will level up the Indian Air Force Defence weapons. 

India’s Missile building plan     

India is facing various issues on the Indo-China border, hence it is very necessary for our air force to acquire the best missiles and bombs to survive against any fight. India has ordered 12 batteries of S-400 which clearly shows that India is taking the threats of Chinese and Pakistani missiles very seriously and is ready to build India’s very own missiles. Even though India has mixed results while building Indian missiles, India is all set to create a combination of some of the powerful Indian missiles and S-400. The combination of Indian missiles with the batteries of s-400 will result in one of the most powerful Indian missile. Indian Air Force is really looking forward to build some of their own missiles and bombs by combining its one of the powerful missiles with S-400. This will surely result in a magnificent combination and a great step towards the Indian Missile building.

Agni missile: India's Agni long-range missiles broke UN limits: Chinese  media

Real Deal of Indian Powerful Missiles 

Indian Air force Defence is ready to create an iron dome for the country to save the country from any flying targets. Its collaboration with Russian S-400 is a ray of hope for more improvement in the Indian Air Force Defence. The new strategy of combining Indian missiles with Russian Missile is one of the best strategies, as S-400 is highly capable of tackling any air target. Its extra edgy features make it a powerful missile and can really create dome of iron over India. India was struggling to improve in the field of air force, but the upcoming generation has managed to take it on a level higher. Government’s contract with Russia is going to help air force to withstand the security of the country in air too. Russian government has also promised to aid Indian Army and Indian Air force with bombs and missiles in order to avoid mishaps in the time of border tensions coming ahead. 

In conclusion

This contract costs a total of 5.2 billion dollars as S-400 is one of the best modern missiles designed to tackle air targets. Its range, ability to tackle, and vehicle command post features are extraordinary, and also has the capability of getting equipped with the missiles of different ranges which makes it more powerful. It can simultaneously knock down about 100 flying targets. It tracks for about 600km and can bring down any aircraft, drones, and missiles within a short span of time. This is going to be the best missile for the Indian Air force. Currently, its production is under construction in Russia. After its production, it will soon arrive in India. India will be all set to refurnish it and come up with a more powerful version of S-400. Basically India is trying to build its own missile using Russian Missile and take it on another level to resolve the troubles. S-400 is about to arrive by the end of 2021. If India’s BMD program is a success then there are high chances for the Indian Air force to develop a path of success in the air while conquering the enemies with better arms and ammunitions.         

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