How to use marketing trends to go viral?

How to use marketing trends to go viral?


How to Become Viral on Social Media | Complete Connection

Reality check 

What if, you get applauded for your work and services or perhaps even get a blue tick on your Instagram page? Or a silver play button from Youtube. Or at least have followers and buyers equivalent to the number of relatives call you on result day. We all look for short cuts for how to become viral on social media or among people for our products and services that too overnight, but it is not a cakewalk. It takes ages for people to reach their expected audience. And many-a-times they don’t get the right credit and even the money is cut by bigger authorities. Before beginning, you should take care of a few marketing trends and marketing channels to speed up the process

How to begin

Before looking at how to become viral, learn what it is really. It can be a post or goods or services which are viewed, liked, appreciated, and shared by millions of people through the social platform. However, it becomes tough to gain attention from today’s generation which is mainly self-focused nowadays. 

Attention to product

Is your content or product original and out of the box? There is no requirement to increase the frequency of posts or inventions and you should focus more on the quality of the content. After all, you aren’t any celebrity or a prominent figure having many followers, and even if you are, you must know some of the marketing channels and basic knowledge so it can give you an upper hand from all the others out there. 

Be updated

To fulfill the quest of how to become viral, it is necessary to not only be updated on the current affairs and news but also various marketing trends and marketing channels used for it. By being updated on the distribution strategies you can overcome the place, time, and position gaps which further decides the success of your product. This can ensure the smooth mobility of your product to your consumers from the manufacturer.

Be updated

View the viewers

Before posting any content you must know about your audience and their likes and dislikes and perhaps understand them. This can begin by creating a market persona through communication with potential customers and understand their beliefs and priorities. It does happen rarely that a product may get views even if it doesn’t make any sense however their success doesn’t last much, and it remains merely a mocking statement. 

Know the platforms

There are many platforms on social media and it becomes important to select an appropriate one for your content. Each of those platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, youtube, etc have a special feature of their own making it different from the others. One of them prioritizes art and stories while the other is known for good videos on DIYs, technical, blogs, or perhaps to learn art like cooking and dancing. While the others have informative articles and opinions about it or some political debates which do not seem to end. 

Time and money

To get a high reach, one must take care of posting it at an appropriate time which supports the algorithm for the maximum of people being online at social media. The sector of advertisement is one of the popular marketing trends. Once you become known among viewers, you wouldn’t need to advertise your content again and again. 


Many famous personalities and bloggers on social media influence an unknown number of lives. To gain attention, you can collaborate with them and in return, they will want either money or some products or share credits with you. This poses a chance for you to reach the audience of the influencers and through this many people will discover you and your content. Many times to target the attention of the famous personalities followers, many brands provide the same but a better product of their rival posing it to be a great competition. Such competitions provide a lot of varieties for the audience to choose upon.


The need

 If the quality of your goods and services is good then you don’t need to worry about how to become viral. In the era of plastics and plagiarism, people are looking for something real and powerful to influence their thoughts and if you have that talent then nothing can stop you to get the attention of your customers and viewers. Hence give what the society needs the most which others are failing to provide.

Care before share

In these few months, we all heard of homemade products to cure coronavirus and some of us even shared it without a thought. To gain attention many people perform acts of torturing animals, marketing on sensitive issues, or threatening people and fearing them for their life. To come under the limelight, one must not spread false information and disregard any policies of the media. Think of what kind of message you will be leaving out or what harm will it be doing to the innocents out there. There were many cases in it from workers assembling during lockdown because of false humor of services to the spreading of hate speech for the entire artist. Hence it becomes necessary to think and care before you share and promote any product or content.

Real importance

In conclusion, while we compete in a race to be viral, do not forget that these social media platforms serve an important tool to raise our voices or spread awareness regarding any issue and to spread services for the utmost benefit of the people. If used wisely, it can become the strongest weapon to uplift the lives of people. After all our social media questions the government and system more wisely then the entire panel journalists out there. So be a responsible citizen and think before you share or promote any content and product. Because it can impact or influence many lives which you won’t even know of. Hence, the portrayal of social media is much louder than the action!

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