How did China bring 200 million students successfully to schools and colleges during covid times?

How did China bring 200 million students successfully to schools and colleges during covid times?



Education at pause

India is still battling with a lot of coronavirus cases arriving daily. The question of when and how to go to schools and colleges poses a lot of tension and conflict among the Indian citizens today. However, China which was the starter of this pandemic now claims to be safe enough to open schools and colleges. Being a socialist consultative democracy, china holds full control over the press, media, courts any activism and organizations, or any changes made in the system. The country is not that liberal like ours to have a say in it which surely answers how schools and colleges opened in china. Even though there isn’t much clarity and transparency on the government’s decisions, we can still know that after all what did china do to open schools and colleges? It is always better to look on for some experiences and lessons learned from others so we are aware of the mistakes they made which we can avoid in the future, saving us from the consequences. 

Questionable china 

China has a very strict administration when it comes to sharing information to the world, making it hard to know the exact condition, especially on how schools and colleges opened in china? Even though China has the largest population and geographical area it still manages to bury both the cases and the truth about it.  Wuhan was the centre of this pandemic and quite soon millions of cases were present in all the countries. However, china claims to have only a few thousand virus cases which also is at the recovering stage. As the situation is better, the government has permitted all the regular activities which even include the opening of schools and colleges. Before coming onto this decision there were many protocols taken care of by the government of China and it claims to be successful for now as there isn’t a rise in viral cases. This makes us question even more than what did china do to open schools and colleges and luckily, we do have answers for that.

Magic spell

Till now students were having online classes on their digital platforms but before any decision is made on how to go to schools and colleges, it is advisable to look onto what other countries are doing for the same. At the same time, it is also necessary to keep in mind that each country has a different geographical area, population, medical technologies and facilities, and composition of the population when it comes to food, lifestyle, weather, health, and immunity. 

Let’s look at what did china do to open schools and colleges?

Let’s look at what did china do to open schools and colleges?
  • Disinfection of classrooms
  • Special rooms are made to isolate student if having fever and majorly they are sent home.
  • Small groups of students are made instead of handling whole classroom strength.
  • Students are designated with their seats in the cafeteria which are at least 4 feet apart
  • Protective masks are made compulsory
  • Playgrounds are restricted to enter
  • Students are even provided with a personal thermometer 
  • Before entering in school, they have to fulfil the survey in an application which determines the risk of infection.
  • Parents were asked to stay out of educational premises

It’s not only clear what did china do to open schools and colleges, but it also shows that the opening of educational institutes supported the growth of the economy and also helped students to grow healthy mentally. 

Other countries

Many other countries worked onto strict protocols which were somewhat similar to what did china do to open schools and colleges. Countries like Israel, Taiwan, Japan, Denmark has opened its educational institutes. Children have adjusted to the new normal where there is a daily temperature check taken by the staff. To maintain social distancing desks are kept at least 4 to 5 feet apart. To reduce the spread of possible infection, activities like sports, libraries, trips, or any competitions which include the gathering of the crowd are avoided. The staff member who was under the category of senior citizens were asked to take a break to avoid complication. Activities like washing and sanitizing hand are promoted everywhere.

Major problem        

As we all continue to play pranks with our teachers during online classes there are many places in India devoid of technologies, internet, or proper connectivity. This makes it difficult for the students residing in those areas to keep up with online classes and at the same time making plans or schemes regarding how to go to schools and colleges is not a preferable choice either. It still poses threat to the lives of children which shouldn’t be risked with. 

There is a lot of time before all the countries decide to open up their educational institutes and, in the meantime, people are either hoping for virus cases to go down or for the invention of vaccines to come up. However, the question remains that and when all the countries are open for schooling then will international students be able to avail of the facilities, or will this pose even a bigger threat for the building of the infectious chain leading us to the beginning of the end?

Major problem

Final Words

In conclusion, there are a lot of factors to be taken care of on how to go to schools and colleges. It is amusing that many other countries have succeeded in their administration so far especially the one where the virus originated making us all intrigued by how schools and colleges opened in china. Before following any footstep on how to go to school and colleges let’s not forget that these countries have a lower number of cases unlike ours which seems to be multiplying every day. Hence, before opening up any educational institute, it is necessary for a thoughtful and rational decision to be taken. If online classes continue further, then some planning must be done for the students who aren’t able to access or afford the technology. It is necessary to make a decision ahead of us to avoid leaving anyone behind!

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