How can you still play PUBG in India Top 5 alternatives of PUBG in India!

How can you still play PUBG in India? Top 5 alternatives of PUBG in India!


India bans PUBG Mobile, Alipay, Baidu, and more Chinese apps - The Verge

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite banned in India:

With 118 more apps, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were banned by the Indian Government, on Wednesday. In the first phase of terminating the Chinese apps, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were not terminated, whereas 59 other apps were banned during the very first phase. As the border pressure between China and India are increasing, Indian Government decided to ban 118 more Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. 

However, you might still get access to play the game, accessing the servers of the parent game, which are situated in South Korea. The reports according to the government stated that, the Chinese based servers can misuse the data privacy and is a threat to the security of the Indian PUBG. PUBG PC is not yet banned in India, hence you can access the PC version and play PUBG PC in India. However, the PC version of this game is paid, making it a matter of inconvenience for the gamers. The PUBG PC Lite version is also available for the PC which is free, hence ensuring a platform to play PUBG in INDIA for the players who are not willing to pay and play. This ban has created unsatisfactory situation amongst the PUBG Gamers, but no need to worry as there are number of alternatives present for PUBG in India. 

What are the best Top 5 alternatives for PUBG mobile In India?

Call of Duty: Mobile is live after a troubled launch - CNET


The mobile version of Call Of Duty (COD) is a major hit in India which was launched in the year 2019. Call Of Duty Mobile is a free version accessible for both iOS and Android. It is a top alternative available for PUBG in India and also is a humongous hit in India. COD also has a huge fan base in India. So if it is hard for you to keep your hands away from PUBG, Call Of Duty proves to be one of the best and promising alternatives for PUBG. Call Of Duty Mobile game has quite similar features to that of PUBG Mobile like First person shooter (FPS), battle royale mode, has a big map, various types of ammunition, and also zombies.


Approaching towards the next PUBG substitute available in India is, Black Survival. Black survival is a point and shoot real-time survival game. Black survival Mobile is a free accessible gaming app for iOS and Android. The game can be played with ten other players in a royale battle like championship with an ever shrinking zone and 22 maps or areas to reconnoiter. The game involves Search, Craft, Invade and Rush away just like PUBG Mobile. With an option of 600 weapons Black survival can be a great android substitute for PUBG Mobile, as most of the characteristics of the Black Survival as same as that of PUBG Mobile.


Just like other substitutes Rules of Survival is a free game on iOS as well as on Android. It is a multiplayer online game with a battle royale mode. Rules Of Survival is suspected to be the most similar game as this game will give you an exact same experience as you get while playing PUBG Mobile. In a very recent time, PUBG Mobile had filed a case against Rules Of Survivals due to copyright Issues. At once a number of 300 players which is the maximum limit, can battle in an 8 into 8 km map. The only dissimilarity between the Rules Of survival and PUBG mobile is that in the number of players you can team up with. In PUBG you can form a team with 3 other players while in Rules of survival you can form a squad with 4 other players. This feature is like cherry on top of cake, as many a times you want to play with 4 other teammates.


Knives out is another popular substitute for PUBG Mobile. This is also famously known as Wilderness Action. It is an alternative with a first person action game. The maximum number of players is up to 100. The players land on an Island with arms and ammunitions and roaders which are built for off-roading. Another advantage of this game is that the game is barely 600 MB, which makes it even more accessible for the gamers who have space issues. Knives Out also aims to offer revive through the first person perspective just like PUBG Mobile. It is also a free version you can access as an alternative for the PUBG mobile.

Free Fire

Free Fire is a very similar game and widely used after PubG Mobile. It is available on iOS and also on the Android mobiles. Free Fire has also received an award from Google Play Store for “Best Popular Game” in the year 2019. Both the Mobile games follow a very similar pattern of battle royale. Free Fire is a bit constricted version with most of the features same to that of PUBG. With a time limit of ten minutes, Free Fire allows 50 players on an island at once. You can pull out and change the character’s appearance and have fun with the accessories designed for the characters just like PUBG mobile. 

In conclusion

So if you can’t stay away from PUBG you can enjoy these substitutes for PUBG Mobile. Also, one can definitely play PUBG PC in India, as PUBG is banned on mobiles and tablets only. If it is inconvenient for you to play on PC as the PC version is paid, you can definitely try out the best and the Top 5 alternatives for PUBG Mobile. However, the first option to play PUBG in India will always be a VPN. The government had banned both the PUBG Mobile and the PUBG Mobile Lite and is looking to terminate the PC version of PUBG too. 

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