High Paying In-Demand Tech Jobs Which Do Not Require A College Degree

High paying in-demand tech jobs which do not require a college degree



Into the tech

We all dream of working in the best IT firms that offer the highest packages. However before planning further, one must know what are the qualifications required for IT and the In-Demand tech jobs related. In order to get into this career, one must know that they have to clear their bachelor’s degree first in information technology science or in computer science or any technology related field. Many of the companies prefer for masters’ degree in computer science at least and around five to six years of experience in upper level position will be an icing on the cake for any high paying tech jobs.

So, what actually is a tech job?

People in such fields need to be an expert in providing a technology support, teaching their clients some basic skills so they can operate on newly installed programs without any problem, and of course to maintain advanced computer systems. Besides these, they also install software, keep up with the maintenance or perform some repairs when required.

Basic requirements which employers look for mostly – 

These are some basic skills which in-demand tech jobs majorly look in their employees:

  • Strong knowledge on working and operating of computers
  • Good understanding on hardware, software and basic programming of computers
  • Good communication skills so they can interact with clients freely
  • Should have some formal training at some level
  • Familiarity with electronic equipments, database programming, security, software installations and internet applications
So, what actually is a tech job?

However, there are many applicants who are not able to fulfill these criteria due to various reasons. Some aren’t able to finish their college and get a degree while others are looking for such high paying tech jobs at an early age to earn money or to get experience which can prove to be an asset to their resume. Hence, here are some amazing jobs which don’t require a college degree!

Data scientist

This job has created high demands for the data scientists on a global level. The tech companies are usually in search of someone who knows how to extract insights and knowledge from the structural and unstructured data with the use of algorithms, scientific processes and methods.  These include various sectors like physics, healthcare, business, etc. In order to work here, one majorly requires experience and skills pertaining to data cleaning, data visualization, warehouses of data and programming languages like R and Python, etc.

Cloud engineer

As the world is progressing towards being digital in all fields, a huge opportunity is being created for all the cloud engineers out there. They manage the maintenance, planning, and designing cloud computing technology. In order to work as a cloud engineer, one must have good years of experience in software development and must be well equipped with programming languages like C++, Java, Python, etc. This brings out a proper approach for governance and commercialization of cloud computing applications. The most attractive part about it is that it is one of the most high paying tech jobs today.

Java developer

In the year of 1995, Sun Microsystems developed java which is a programming language. In order to be a java developer one must be equipped with skills like web frameworks, web technologies like CSS, HTML, JQuery and Markup languages like XML and JSON. The employees are paid decently and even their demand is quite high.

Business Analyst

These are one of the jobs which people generally prefer when they go for jobs which don’t require a college degree. These specialists interact with business stakeholders and experts in subject matters for the smooth working of the company. Though in order to get into this one must definitely have critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, relationship building skills which can only be done with thorough and good communication skills. These people get paid nicely as they are the only ones to fill the gap between business and IT.

Digital marketer

In this era, everything is becoming digital. Hence companies across the globe are in need of experts who can promote goods and services on digital media and platforms. Even though the scope of this field is wide one has to be flexible and adaptive to the new changes made every day in the dynamics of digital marketing. In order to ace this in-demand tech job, one must know about content marketing, data analysis, SEO, and SEM and how to approach design-based planning and thinking.

Graphic designer 

With the knowledge about computer software, good communication skills and creativity any one can create visual concepts. Through such skills the companies hire you to make and develop the designs of brochures, magazines, reports, advertisements, etc. It is a standalone field where you just need to be familiar with some graphic design skills.

Cyber security analyst

They are responsible to carry out crucial measures to provide constant security against any threats or breaches to the company’s network and computer. Such field require skills like modifying and updating of Intrusion Detective System, communication, analysing of security system, administering the information security software and some analytical abilities. 


The upcoming era needs well informed teachers who have a tight grip on their knowledge. With the improvement in education system of India, teaching has a great career ahead and in fact only well skilled teachers will be able to get into this field. In fact, many programming languages and coding practices will be taught to primary level students.

It is not the end!

Top IT jobs in demand for the future.

Even if you aren’t able to find your true career in this field, there are many other job opportunities which you need to explore around, with advancing technology there will be many more demands for jobs which don’t require a college degree. However, one can always update themselves with current knowledge through a diploma or certified courses and gain experiences through internships and freelancing jobs. Even if you cannot afford these, you can always learn tech skills through online platforms, as after all when there’s a will, there’s away!

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