Google Pixel 4a to launch in India during September!

Google Pixel 4a to launch in India during September!


Google Pixel 4a With Hole-Punch Display, 12-Megapixel Rear Camera Launched:  Price, Specifications | Technology News

Yes! Google has broken its silence about the new Google Pixel 4a launch in our homeland, India! People had been speculating about new model releases and numerous rumours had been circulating about this remarkable release. And finally, it has all worked out! Google is all set to release its 3 brand new models Google Pixel 4a, Google Pixel 4a 5G as well as Google Pixel 5. These models are said to be more efficient and smarter than last year’s releases of Pixel 3a and 3a XL. It is also said that the new models will outperform the previous year’s models in terms of performance and enhanced features. However, the models releasing this year do not possess an XL version like that of last year.

The release date is unknown to the masses as of yet. However, some rumoured sources claim that it is about to be between September and October of the year 2020. However, people are unable to predict the launching dates of google pixel 4a 5G and pixel 5 in the Indian market. The upcoming models are set to launch on online platforms of Flipkart and Reliance digital. 


The google pixel 4a has a marvellous display attached to it. Dimensions wise, it will be of 5.81 inches that is 1,080 by 2,160 pixels. Quality wise, it will display in full HD quality and provides you an aspect ratio of roughly 19.5:9. The display has an organic LED provision for the best effects.

Google Pixel 4a


The biggest key is speed when it comes to Google Pixel 4a. Hence whether it is finding a photo or searching for a particular text, this model will save you from hours of loading and buffering! This model is also said to have one of the best IP rating in the market.

The google pixel 4a 5G model will give you the amazing features of the pixel 4a device along with the enhanced efficiency of the 5G network. This works best on android 10 operating systems. The rate of this model will be slightly higher than the original one. However, it will give you increased bandwidth, speed as well as better performance and connectivity than the previous models. It is said that the google pixel 4a model will be the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. The confirmed colour of the model that is to release this year is black. However, many are hoping that the further pixel models will range in matte colours of white and black. After all, it is that extra taint of elegant colour that add to the overall beauty of your device.

We all know Google phones are a treat for the photographers as it undoubtedly some of the best cameras in the market. This Pixel 4a carries a phenomenal camera quality with a twelve to eight-megapixel front camera. Moreover, there is a dynamic transcription provision in the google pixel 4a. You can access this provision in the recorder application of the device. It you are a specific person or a lousy person, whatever case it may be, security is sometimes beyond our hands. The google pixel 4a takes utmost care of this essential aspect and provides great features for the same. The model has a unique security facility that is embedded in it. The ‘Titan M’ provides you with the right security features needed for your device. It enhances the security routine of your device. There is also a finger print security pad at the back of the device which ensures no unauthorized access is made into your phone. The google pixel 4a manages to keep a top quality in terms of inbuilt and external security. 

In addition, this model is being released with an even better Google Assistant facility. The enhanced features will include multi language reception. These languages will include German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and so on. Furthermore, it allows you to effectively carry on multiple different tasks across apps and helps you manage those tasks effectively. 

The biggest virtue of all is the model’s exceptional battery life! The company claims that the battery mechanism is so on point that it can stay well for an entire day without shutting down. And while you’re using the beauty of this device all day, you might as well enjoy the three-month free Youtube Premium membership that the model gives you! This premium membership ensures you ad-free videos on Youtube. Similarly, this Google pixel 4a also provides you with free memberships for Google one and Play Pass.

Google Pixel 4a


The specifications on the pricing of Google pixel 4a models are still not known. However, experts are predicting that it will be roughly estimated in accordance with the US prices. The US costs of the model is $349. In India too, the google pixel 4a model is said to launch with the same converted amount in addition with respective taxes. This rate is estimated to be roughly around Rs 26,500. The advanced model of google pixel 4a with 5G provision is estimated to be around Rs 30,000.


Even though a lot of amazing features and functionalities of the pixel 4a have been released to the masses, there are still many hidden features that are yet to be predicted. A lot of inner aspects of this dynamic device are not yet known and their predictions are the current talk of every town.

Google pixel models have always amazed us with their rich performance and exciting features. They usually have their hands on the premium smartphone markets nut now like every other premium smartphone maker, it has entered the budget-phone sector with Pixel. Every year models upgrade globally but google also manages to keep the rates affordable for the masses.  Every year their pixel models upgrade in terms of speed, proficiency, and functionality. This year too people all around the globe are expecting some magical features to spark up.

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