If flying has always been your dream, then now is the time to manifest that into reality! Now that you are set to pursue your passion, you should not compromise on quality. 

Choose the best schools and learn from the experts when it comes to studying the art of flying.

Finding your perfect school majorly involves choosing what suits best for you and your path. There are numerous factors you need to consider before making this grand choice. 

Remember! While these factors prevail for all, which factor applies ‘how’ and ‘where’ works different for different people. Here are some exceptional factors that will help you choose the perfect aviation school!


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When it comes to aviation, the course is bound to pinch your bank account. In general, aviation schools do demand bulky fees. If you are determined and focused on your goals and are ready for the commitment, then it is surely worth the money.

Integrated courses of aviation that provide you with a diploma or degree are slightly on the expensive side. On the contrary, a modular training course will solely render you flight training and turns out to be a much more cost-effective option. Try opting for schools that provide you with good student loans.

In conclusion, analyse your budget range, fix your goals, and decide accordingly.


Location plays a big role while choosing your dream school. The biggest myth is that schools near to your residence is the best option. You should explore colleges that provide good airspaces. Locations that are often placed outside the city or urban areas are slightly more expensive but also have a great exterior field and airspace. 

Weather is another factor that will influence your training. Make sure you choose a location having climate conditions that are friendly for flying. 

You can also opt for foreign universities for these courses. This will not only give you a culture shift but will also open wide new possibilities for your future. 


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Decide on your goals and set your priorities accordingly. You must figure out your aviation interests and plan accordingly to choose for a full-time or a part-time course. Know your long-term vision and make aviation decisions in that direction. Choose the course in accordance to your seriousness. If you just want to pursue aviation as a hobby, then it is recommended that you opt for part time courses which is more feasible. Depending upon your interests choose your aviation school.

If you are more inclined towards airline flying, then make sure your school has some tie ups or partnerships with renowned airline companies. Choose the school that has great networking in the aviation industry.


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Flying is not an easy study. It can be risky and complicated. Hence, you need to learn it from the experts.

Safety is one such factor that comes above all and has the utmost significance! Especially if you wish to join and work for the airlines to become a pilot, you will be responsible for multiple lives.   

Aviation schools that emphasize on safe learning and measure are the best choice for you. Choose aviation schools that are approved and ranked by the FAA that is Federal Aviation Administration. 

These schools maintain high safety and security in their practices. They provide you with the perfect equipment training and overall coaching.


When in doubt, question your process. Follow a structured research and planning while choosing your ideal aviation school. 

  • Try to get in contact with pilots with great experience in the field. 
  • Talk to the students of the school you wish to enrol in. This will give you first-hand information about the school’s system.
  • Do not just blindly put your faith on the top aviation schools. 
  • A perfect aviation school is a myth. It is not necessary what might work good for others will do so for you too. 
  • Know your ‘targets’ and ‘wants’ and try to match it with the services of your short-listed aviation schools.


Once you have narrowed down your choices do not hesitate to physically go and explore those schools. This will give you a better realistic view of the school and you can also check if your vibe connects with that place.

Meet the instructors of your short-listed schools and see for yourself who gives you the perfect mentor image. Check if you are comfortable and happy with the instructor’s training style.

Ask for an introductory ride with the coach without fail to gain an on-field experience pre-hand.  

Moreover, you can also socialise with existing students and staff before joining to have a healthy learning process. Choose a place having a good airspace, environment, field, staff, and safety protocols.


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While deciding which school you want to choose for aviation studies, make sure you know what kind of aircraft is being used by the school. 

  • Know the aircraft model type and number pre-hand and decide if it matches with your choices. 
  • Know which aircraft is perfect for your training type and join a school that uses the aircraft that seems like a perfecf fit for you.


Do not be afraid to wait and do extensive research for your dream aviation school. Keep in mind the given factors and give your instincts a shot. 

Clear your mind from inhibitions and petty fears by keeping your research game strong. If you have faith in your path, even if you make mistakes or wrong decisions, it will be fruitful. 

Avoid opting for cheap options just for the sake of it. Quality should be a higher priority than price. Some investments turn out to be wiser options when you have a larger goal in mind. 

Choose the right coach for you. Do not just settle for any instructor just because they represent a famous university/school. Talk to various kinds of instructors and decide for yourself who connects with you better. It is very essential to have the right teacher.

Just follow your fire and fly!

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