Dream11 wins Title sponsorship of the World’s Best T20 League IPL!


The Indian Premier league Governing council has announced that they are proudly introducing Dream 11 as the new Title Sponsors of the 2020 edition of IPL. This move came after India came into a serious movement of boycotting Chinese brands from their country. Being the reason, why The IPL governing council striked out the Chinese Smartphone Brand Vivo from their 5 year contract. This move was also supported by the new Atmanirbhar movement to encourage Indian brands and support Indian brands giving them highest opportunities. Dream 11 (Sporta Technologies Pvt ltd) is a home-grown Indian Brand having headquarters in Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Dream 11, since it’s arrival in the fantasy gaming have achieved popularity and a huge user base today. Dream 11 aims at promoting a fantasy sports platform based in India having fantasy games for multiple sports. It offers fantasy gaming for the sports of cricket, Kabaddi, football, hockey and basketball. Founded in 2008, Dream 11 have acquired a huge market of fantasy gaming in India. Founded by Harish Jain and Bhavit Sheth, Dream 11 became the first Indian gaming company to be included in the ‘Unicorn Club’ of gaming in 2019. Dream 11 has associated with multiple sports now and has grown well over the years. It presently partners around 19 Sports leagues along with 6 Indian Premier league franchises in India.

BCCI proudly announces that Dream 11 has been a trusted partner for our 6 franchises before and now is our Title Sponsor. IPL Chairman Brijesh Patel quoted –

“We are happy to welcome Dream 11 on board as the title sponsor for the 2020 edition of the IPL. Dream 11 has upgraded their association from an official partner to the Title sponsors which shows a great testament to the IPL. As Dream 11 is a fantasy sports brand, it will only grow more engagement of the IPL with more of its fans”.

He also added – “As a digital Brand it will give them (Dream 11) a leverage to create exciting online engagement for fans sitting at home and watching the matches. We are looking forward to delivering great value to Dream 11”

Harsh Jain, the CEO, and co-founder of Dream 11 also quoted – “The launch of IPL in 2008 gave birth to this idea of Dream 11. As a normal sports fan, we wanted to offer fantasy cricket to IPL fans to help them further engage with the sport they love and also showcase their sports knowledge and skills. Being a proud Home-grown Indian Brand that is entirely made in India, by India, for India, and exclusively for Indian sports fans, we would like to thank the BCCI for giving us the opportunity to become the title sponsor of IPL, which in our opinion is the world’s greatest sports property, atleast for cricket. We also feel that Dream 11 perfectly defines what IPL is actually all about, every team fielding its dream 11 team which actually ends or culminates in the IPL finals determining the Dream 11. We are very happy to continue our relationship with BCCI and IPL to further promote sports fans engagement in India, and also looking forward to 10 crore+ Indians making their Dream 11 team for every Dream 11 match”.

Dream 11 offers fantasy gaming with making your own team and playing it by placing bids on your team in various contests. These contests are pooled with different participants around the world who make their own teams and bring them to the contests. On the basis of the actual performance, if the players who were in these teams performed well, the user gets specific points on the basis of which the winner is decided. The player with the highest points wins the contest and the pool of money collected by the contest is won by that winner. Different contests have different amounts required, players can place their teams in the contest which is affordable to them.

Dream11 has developed a huge gaming user base till now and is also planning to get allied with other sports segments. It has already developed tie-ups with ICC, Pro Kabaddi League, BBL, International Federation of Hockey, and many other flagship tournaments to develop its user base. With IPL, Dream 11 expects around 60-70% of its earning to be concentrated mainly during the season of IPL matches, being the reason it doesn’t seem to be a surprise where Dream 11 has tried and pulled 222 crores to buy its Title Sponsorship rights.

As the Coronavirus pandemic postponed the league from when it was going to start on 29th March to 19th September, many things from then have changed which no one would have actually expected at that time. Everyone was gearing up for this year’s IPL which was going to happen in India, but now the stadiums, destinations, crowds, sponsors, broadcasting, IPL teams, everything has changed. As now the tournament is going to happen in UAE away from India with a time gap of 1:30 hrs, fans will have to enjoy IPL matches from their homes itself. No crowds would be allowed obviously to avoid social gatherings but even teams will have to go under severe instructions to follow all the safety guidelines while playing and while traveling as well. Like the players in this IPL are not allowed to apply saliva on the ball to create a shine on one side. These changes will surely change some or the other dynamics of the game and will bring out a different IPL from all the 12 editions played till now. Though it would be a great opportunity to the broadcasting channels as they will create more revenues with all the fans watching matches from their homes itself, increasing more broadcasting views.

Among all the major changes in this year’s edition of IPL, the move of changing the title sponsors was the biggest one. As the Indian Premier League was in a contract with Vivo (Chinese Smartphone Brand) to be the Title sponsors for this year as well, it was boycotted by not just the governing council or the other officials but the public and the Indian fans as well. With more promotion to the Atmanirbhar motive, the focus was to have Indian brands as the Title sponsors of the league. Many Indian brands like RIL, Patanjali, Adani, were there in the competition but at the end, it was conquered by Dream 11 at the price of 222 crores.

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