Changes we could see in the upcoming iPhone 12!


The iPhone lovers have patiently waited for this golden month of iPhone release to see which new model is launched by the Apple team. Unfortunately, apple recently announced that due to the pandemic culture shift and various other factors, the release of the new version of iPhone will be delayed. 

However, it will not make much of a difference because iPhone users are eagerly waiting to grab the new versions. People across the globe are so psyched about what is about to launch, that various individuals have also tried to go beyond their scope of knowledge. 

Some individuals have also leaked some rumours about the controversial features of the upcoming iPhone 12. 

So, all the tech lovers and iPhone admirers, fasten your seat belts as we take you on a fun ride into the predictions of the ultimate iPhone 12!



The new iPhone models are about to bring in a full-fledged pack of surprise this year. 

It has been rumoured and estimated by experts that the new edition of iPhone will reveal itself in four different models.

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro max

The first version is said to be of 5.4 inches with an overall resolution of 2340 by 1080. The next two versions of Max and pro will be flourished with 6.1 inches with an estimated resolution 2532 by 1170.

On the other hand, the pro max version will flaunt its 6.7 inches exterior with 2778 by 1824 resolution rate.

The exterior of the iPhone models will shine with a super light stainless steel body cover. It is confirmed that the iPhone 12 models will be featuring a much smaller notch with a sharp metal touch to it.

Larger and better display profile will be an additional key feature of the models. The sim card tray space is also said to be repositioned below the volume buttons.

These apple versions will be released with the latest A14 processors. Users can choose among its vast range of 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB types.



Colour is the most exciting and attractive part of an iPhone. Since generations, the shiny, matte, and lavish colour and fashion schemes of the iPhone models have amazed its users. People have stuck their hopes of amazing new colours with the four upcoming models of iPhone. Rumours have claimed that the Pro versions will feature much darker and with crisper colours in comparison to older versions of apple.  

The use of grey and silver and turquoise in the releasing models is predicted.  The hue of blue and shiny navy texture is all set to surprise the apple fans!


Close sources in the matter reveal that the estimated price of the iPhone 12 model of 64 GB would be somewhere around Rs 52,405/-. The max version of the iPhone 12 with a similar storage facility is likely to cost around Rs 59,902/-.

These costs are predicted to be the starting prices of the models. The prices can range up to roughly one lakh depending upon the model type and its storage.

Apple is about to sell its newer versions in cheaper rates. This shall be possible if they choose to sell the 4G LTE model versions.



These new releases will be having a high connectivity range of 5G network. The 5G network has a huge potential in our new generation’s fast paced life. This advanced network will benefit your transactions with phenomenal speed and accuracy. 

Due to the 5G network speed, the latency of your device will be significantly low. This connectivity will turn out to be a much better option, as it will be flaunting a particular spike in its bandwidth. 

You will experience a boost in your connectivity and network proceedings. There will be absolutely no restrictions and barriers when multiple devices are connected to your device. In addition, it will also provide great efficiency in the connection process and quality. The advanced technology wireless network upgradation to 5G is a complete boon for us which the new iPhone models are bringing with them.



When it comes to camera quality, iPhones have always set their standards quite high. With a new edition and better features, the iPhone 12 is all set to surprise us with an enhanced camera quality.

Experts have performed various analysis and have made their predictions in accordance with that. It is believed that different models of iPhone will feature different types of camera descriptions. 

iPhone 12 pro as well as pro max edition will be having three cameras in the rear portion. They will additionally possess a sensor of the Lidar type. This type of sensor has been developed with advanced technology that can detect the distance of the items it captures. These sensors will be of a larger type than before and with way better image quality as well as resolutions.

The main camera on the other hand, will be upgraded to the 7 parted lenses. This upgradation will result in much better photo quality and resolution than before!

Final Takeaways

People all over the globe are biting nails with the curiosity of what the apple releases are going to baffle us with. With various predictions, have come to various expectations. When it comes to quality and technology, Apple has never failed the masses. Every aspect of the iPhone 12 is expected and predicted to be upgraded and better than the previous models. 

The enhancement in the colour and texture, the model, connectivity network, pricing, processors, camera quality, resolution, interior technology, exterior design, and so on, has already caught our eye. 

This ‘little delay’ in the release is surely equivalent to a long decade for some iPhone hawkers out there who are just craving to unbox the model! Time will surely run its course and soon the apple releases will reach the stores.

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