Fats are good for your body as long as they provide you with a boosting energy. However, the minute they become a basis for your laziness and lethargy, it is time to bid them goodbye! Unwanted and unhealthy fats are extremely harmful for your inner and outer health.

Are you struggling to get rid of those extra flabs? Instead of doing it the hard way, we suggest you do it the smart way!

Here are some quick efficient ways to eliminate unwanted fats from your body:


Unhealthy fats are evil of modern life technology unfortunately for us

Even if you do not see or look very fat from the outside you still might be carrying unhealthy fats in your system. It is particularly important that you recognise which fats are good for your system and which are bound to harm you.

Unsaturated fats and omega-3s are those fats which are good for your body and are necessary for you.

However, trans fats or saturated fats cause immense damage to your internal system. They restrict your artery blood flow, lead to digestion issues, promote unhealthy weight gain, create hormonal imbalance, increase lethargy, and so on. These fats not only deteriorate your physical body heath but also take a toll on your mental health.

Some examples of food items with unhealthy fats:

⦁ Deep Fried and salty snacks
⦁ Food cooked in blended vegetable oil
⦁ Outside sugary desserts
⦁ Icing on desserts
⦁ Deep frozen food items
⦁ Unnatural whiteners for tea and coffee
⦁ Packed snacks
⦁ Processed foods
⦁ Artificial colouring or food decoration
⦁ Bakery cakes and ice creams.


National Nutrition Month: 7 Protein-Rich Foods For A Vegetarian ...

Protein rich foods contain all that you need to pump up your energy throughout the day.

Consuming food items rich in proteins tends to make you feel full for a long time between meals. This way you do not feel like unnecessarily snacking every now and then. As a result, you eat less and whatever you eat helps nourish your system.

Some protein rich food to switch to, for good fats:

⦁ Whey or plant protein
⦁ Sprouts and beans
⦁ Seafood (non-fried)
⦁ Eggs
⦁ Chicken and other protein rich meat
⦁ Cottage cheese


De-Stress at Home - Tips for Reducing Stress

Excess release of cortisol also known as the stress hormone, takes place when you are stressed. This hormone spikes your appetite to a whole new level. You feel the urge to snack and stuff your tummy with sugary food items frequently.

As a result, increase in stress levels urges you to overeat leading to excess consumption of unhealthy fatty food. Consequently, you invite those stubborn fats all over your body.

Here are some tips to de-stress and avoid stress-eating:

⦁ Meditate and practise yoga every day.
⦁ Talk to good friends who will help you see the larger picture.
⦁ De-clutter your mind.
⦁ Manage your time.
⦁ Prioritize health over work.
⦁ Complete small tasks and reward yourself.
⦁ Switch to healthy snacking options like fruit salads or smoothies.
⦁ Watch or read something funny. Laughter is the best medicine!


There's a Scientific Reason Why Men Get Beer Bellies and Women Don ...

Yes! That beer bottle will definitely bulge your waistline. Alcohol in limited quantities and moderation does have some health benefits. However, as soon as you go overboard with it, you are bound to invite loads of unwanted belly fats.

Alcohol famously hits your central obesity and leads to a huge increase in fats in your tummy region. It also causes acute bloating and gas in your stomach which leads to uneasiness.

Cut down or reduce your alcohol intake to see some significant changes in your fat reduction process. Say bye-bye to your beer belly!


Benefits of Beauty Sleep - sleepspa

Attention workaholics! If you are a night owl or like working till late hours at night, you are adding on unhealthy fats to your body. Children and teenagers who prefer late night studies or night outs are more likely to gain flabs than the early birds.

This is because at night we stay awake and restrict the necessary rest needed by our body. This leads to unnecessary enzyme secretion in our digestive track and promotes hunger. As a result, you opt for “midnight snacking” as it is famously said.

This adds on to unwanted fats in the body which not only increases your weight but also leads to digestion problems such as acidity, bloating, constipation, gas, etc.

In addition, whenever you wake up, you will feel cranky and unwell after sleep which will also keep you lethargic throughout your day.

Hence it is suggested to get at least 6 hours and ideally 8 hours of night sleep.


How Healthy Movements and Exercise Keeps You Mentally Satisfied ...

Sit instead of sleeping. Stand instead of sitting. Walk instead of standing! Follow this magic mantra and see the wonders it does to your life.

There is no doubt that every human body needs physical exercise on a daily basis. Imagine purchasing a brand-new car and never driving it?

That is your body’s condition when you become lazy enough to not make any movement throughout the day.

It is ideal to give your body a bare minimum of 45-mins of normal workout or exercise. However, in your fast-paced life if you are not finding the right time and moment to exercise then here are some smart secrets you can try out anywhere and everywhere!

⦁ If you are stuck at a desk job, perform frequent stretching exercises on the chair. Get up and walk to do trivial tasks like getting coffee, getting a pen, opening a door for someone, etc.

⦁ Use the stairs instead of the lift, even if it is one floor.

⦁ Carry healthy snacks in your bag like nuts, berries, digestive cookies, sprouts, etc.

⦁ Walk if the distance to your workplace is walkable for you. Try brisk walking for additional benefits.


The most powerful tool that can help you adopt the healthiest lifestyle is mindful eating. More than what you eat, how you eat has a lot of value to it. Even if you stuff your mouth with healthy food items you still will not absorb its nutrients fully if you do not chew them mindfully. Best of Luck!

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