Mobile Insurance has become one of the essential insurances in our lives today, as our whole life today revolves around mobiles and smartphones. In today’s digital world, smartphones play a crucial part as businesses, communications, virtual meetings, online lectures have become easy courtesy to the smart features of the smartphones we have today. One is totally dependent on mobiles for carrying out these types of day to day activities. In case we lose our mobiles due to robbery or maybe some accidental damage, it may damage our financial support and also may delay the crucial activities dependent on mobile phones. Hence to have a mobile insurance in this generation proves to be very important, as it helps one to have security for their mobile phones and also help financially to refill the loss. In today’s world, losing the mobile phone is the worst nightmare. To put an end to such worst-case scenarios one must have full knowledge of Mobile Insurance Package. 

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What do you mean by Mobile Insurance?

Mobile Insurance is a very fresh term as the use of mobiles has been tremendously increased in the last few years and have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Also, the theft rate of mobiles and other damaging rates of mobiles have been increased significantly as compared to the previous years. Therefore, Mobile insurance has become one of the requisites for mobile security. Mobile Insurance offers repair/replacement against robbery of mobile, damage caused to the mobile accidentally, if the mobile malfunctions technically, accidental liquid spill over the mobile, etc. This Mobile Insurance helps the mobile owner from heavy financial cost as the repair of costly smartphones can cause damage to the financial existence. In short Mobile, Insurance is an assurance of the security for the mobiles irrespective of the damage internally or externally.

What does Mobile Insurance Package covers? 

To avail the coverage of your Mobile Insurance Package, the reporting of repair or replacement of lost phone or damaged phone must be done within 48 hours.  

Mobile Insurance package becomes very handy, in case of the following problems:

  • Higher repairing cost of the mobile:

In case of expensive mobiles the repair cost would be hefty. To avoid such circumstances one can avail Mobile insurance as mobile insurance covers the repairing costs of the mobiles as well.

  • Robbery of the mobile: 

Once the phone is stolen it is very hard to recover the phone as the data is lost completely. It can affect financially as todays smartphones are of very high cost. To fight with such difficult problems Mobile Insurance proves to be an accurate solution, as it covers the cost of a whole new petty-pack mobile phone.

  • Cover offered for the damage caused by any liquid:

There may be a chance to spill liquids like coffee, water, or any other liquid on the mobile phone. Sometimes the damage may be caused due to moisture or humidity. Such types of consequences are unavoidable. Availing Mobile Insurance covers such type of inevitable consequences.

  • Breakage or damage to mobile accidentally:

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There are many chances that phones get damaged or break off due to some of the other accidents. This may cause one to spend expensive amounts to buy a new phone. Mobile Insurance helps one from spending a large amount on expensive mobiles as the plans covers the breakage cost of the mobile but make sure that the damage must be proved unintentional and accidental. 

  • Technical malfunctions:

Some mobiles may have technical malfunctions like problems in charging ports, screen sensitivity and ear jack. These kinds of problems are normally addressed by insurance policies for mobiles. 

  • Cashless and fast transactions: 

In today’s world people expect and prefer cashless and fast transactions as ongoing pandemic has created a huge need for the same. Most of the Mobile insurance companies have their website for payment, renewal of policy etc. This ensures the customers are comfortable and flexible while choosing/renewing a policy for their smart phones.

  • Doorstep  services:

Mobile insurance companies have door step pick-up and drop services for mobile repairs and replacements. This assures a hassle-free service for the customers and also a relief when people ae stranded to their homes.

What does Mobile Insurance does not cover?

Mobile Insurance covers a wide range of unavoidable consequences However it also has following exclusions,

  1. The pre-existing defect that is the defects present before claiming the insurance policy are not counted under Mobile Insurance.
  2. Any deliberate attempt in causing the damage of mobile doesn’t fall under Mobile Insurance.
  3. The mysterious losses of the phones are not subject to Mobile Insurance.
  4. Any overloaded mobile or experimented mobile device leading to further damage are not included in the Mobile Insurance policy.

What are the advantages of Mobile Insurance Package?

  1. Mobile owners are relaxed as the mobile repair/ replacement costs are backed up by the Mobile Insurance policies.
  2. The policy offers a cashless and hassle-free service.
  3. It helps one to cope up with damage caused by spilling of any kind of liquid or any moisture in the jacks/ports.
  4. Screen sensitivity, charging ports and jacks are also included in the policy hence putting an ease to any tension of policy holders.
  5. Easy pickup and drop services are provided by the Mobile Insurance companies. 

Mobile Insurance Policies has a key advantage over extended warranty for mobile phones, as mobile insurance package covers unforeseen, unavoidable and genuine problems faced by the mobile owners. Some Mobile Insurance companies have private mobile apps so that they can back up the information which is lost in the case of robbery of the phones which an extended warranty might not include.

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However Mobile Insurance is not a mandatory necessity for the mobile phone users, but having a Mobile Insurance assures the policy holders that, most of the unavoidable circumstances are supported by the various Insurance companies and the mobile owner can stay completely relaxed without worrying about their financial existence, going from one place to another for replacement or repairing of mobile services. Also, Mobile Insurance policy packages may differ from one company to another hence one must be very careful while choosing a Mobile Insurance Policy.

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