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Earthquakes do not hit us every day. But when they do, they leave a mark forever! Insuring your house from earthquakes has become a very important thing today. One can loose everything in a single earthquake! 

Earthquake insurance is one such kind of property insurance that pays and recovers the insurance holder in case their property has faced any kind of huge damage or loss, on account of an earthquake.

‘But why do I need to get an earthquake insurance when I already have my home insurance?’

No! Your home insurance does not cover up for the damage caused to your property by Earthquake particularly! Earthquake insurance is directed specifically towards property destruction caused due to earthquakes. 


  • The earthquake insurance covers up the entire loss caused to your property. In addition, it also provides damage control cover up for the property that surrounds your house. This additional property might include your lawn, your garden, your adjacent pool, etc.

  • If there are any posh objects or valuables that get damaged entirely in the event, then they too get recovered under your insurance policy. Policy details might differ according to their types.

  • Once the disaster hits you, there are very few chances that you would retain the same house. Buying or renting a new place would seem wiser than reconstructing your whole house. Whatever decision you make, every choice will invite additional expenses. After facing such a damage, the earthquake insurance policy also helps you with add-on expenses that you have to face after the disaster. 

  • The earthquake insurance policy includes your entire area while damage control. You must realize that you can never be in any place that is not prone to earthquakes. Yes, some places are more prone to earthquakes, but no place is free from it. This disaster can strike anywhere on this planet. Insurance companies are well aware of this fact. Hence, the earthquake insurance policy is not location specific.
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Even though the earthquake insurance policy takes care of all the aspects after the earthquake, there are certain aspects that do not come under the earthquake policy. 

Here are some points that are not included in the policy.

  • If your car, bike, or any other vehicle gets harmed because of the act, it will not be recovered by the earthquake insurance officials. There is a different insurance plan you need to take for the safety of your vehicles.
  • Earthquake insurance also does not cover up for fire damage if any. There is a separate exclusive fire insurance policy that covers up for your property destruction loss caused by fire or explosion.

  • If the floods ruin your property, then they cannot be recovered by your earthquake policy. Hence, if a flood damages your property post an earthquake, then the earthquake insurance will not cover it under the agreement.

  • Even if there is a sewage malfunction or some water leakage then too, the earthquake insurance policy does not compensate for your losses.

  •  If your property is damaged or destructed due to a landslide or possible erosion, then too this insurance plan will not cover a soil degradation loss.


  • Consequences after an earthquake do not just end when the disaster ends. The damage is continued for several days after the incident depending upon the intensity of the earthquake. Your earthquake insurance understands this phenomenon. 

As a result, most of the policies provide damage control till the course of the damage and not just per day or hour.

  • Even if your area does not come in an earthquake zone, you need to get an earthquake insurance for your property. Imagine you spending lakhs and crores of your money and years of efforts for building your dream house. And due to just mere negligence and ‘I do not need it attitude’ you face a loss. An unpredictable event strikes and the whole house gets ruined. 

No one should make such an ignorant mistake. Hence, earthquake insurance is one such policy that must adopt for the safety and security of you and your loved ones.

  • Sometimes on rare occasions, the earthquake that hits a land is too serious. At such times, a devastating damage is caused. The damages are so severe and irreparable that the insurance companies have to limit their support. 

Hence, beyond a certain limit even the insurance companies cannot help you. However, chances of this happening till its worst extent is extremely rare.

But even if it does, you must know this fact in advance to avoid future misunderstandings between you and the insurance officials.

  • There is no use buying an insurance after the damage is done. You should not expect the insurance companies to cover up for your losses that have occurred before you opted for that earthquake insurance policy. 

Most of the insurance plans have a condition that the coverage will only be rendered after a certain amount of time period has passed since the time you opted for it. Even after the earthquake hits your property ad damages it, you will not get immediate recovery of it. There is a proper procedure associated with earthquake insurance provision. That can take a considerate amount of time depending upon the plan that you have chosen. 

  • There is no doubt in the fact that there are some cyber thieves waiting to steal and fool you in the name of insurance policies. People who are often ignorant towards the regulations and basic rules of insurance policies fall prey to these acts and lose lakhs of their hard-earned money. 

Hence, to avoid yourself from such heinous acts, you must without fail read all terms and conditions of your earthquake policy before taking it. Different policies have different conditions. Reading these small lettered notices and conditions might be too boring, but it will surely save you from being a victim to these virtual insurance-based crimes.

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