A final Tribute to our legendary Black Panther- Chadwick Boseman

A final Tribute to our legendary Black Panther- Chadwick Boseman


Black Panther' star Chadwick Boseman dies of cancer at 43 - San Antonio  Express-News

Hollywood’s Painful Loss

As disturbing and shocking is the news of Chadwick Boseman’s death at the age of 43, is the revelation that the legendary actor had spent the last four years fighting colon cancer. The actor had played a wide range of characters which has created American and Hollywood history, all while silently receiving treatment for the colon cancer which took his life at the age of 43. This clearly shows that what a gem of an actor and person Chadwick Boseman was. Literally, Chadwick Boseman was the definition of a super hero. According to this chronology, it means that Boseman was diagnosed with stage III cancer in 2016, which also happens to be the year when he debuted as King T’ Challa in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, which denotes that even after his diagnosis, Chadwick filmed and made an appearance in Black Panther, Marshall, 21 Bridges, Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, two more movies of Avenger’s series and a forthcoming adaptation of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. It is unbelievable how an actor can give such an enormous outcome while quietly going through a number of surgeries and a series of chemotherapy.

Some Notable Mentions

Considering his reputation today, it may be astonishing fact that Boseman had not portrayed a noteworthy role until he was in the mid of his thirty’s. He was a graduate of Howard University and the British American Drama Academy. Until he was casted as basketball legend “Jackie Robinson” in 2013 in biopic “42”, he mostly made an appearance in one-offs parts on television. Before Boseman, Robinson himself played the role of Robison in the movie. This film was directed by Brian Helgeland, which deals with struggle of the protagonist to restrain his anger. Boseman’s performance in this biopic is one of the most magnificent which matched with all the traits of real life Robinson. Hence after this performance, he was casted into 2 more biopics, where he played characters of two other Black Americans, which are of extremely great importance with regards to the American History. He played the role “James Brown” in “Get On Up” (2014) and “Thurgood Marshall” in “Marshall” (2017).

The actor’s fine work as James Brown is significantly surprising. Boseman pulled off the role by capturing the entire singer’s onstage energy. He always did all of his own dancing and a few of his singing. Undoubtedly, his performance was a long way off what he portrayed as Robinson. He played the role of two contrasting characters in a single year. From a 20th century’s most famous basketball player to one of its most legendary singers his versatility was seen in the year 2014. Even though the performances were accounted for in a single year it was a delight for the audience to see Boseman’s versatility. As his work was splendid and no one else could deliver these characters with such diversity and the two diverse personalities could not have been more different. 

Actor Chadwick Boseman Who Played Black Panther In Marvel Cinematic  Universe Dies Of Cancer At 43

A True Legend!

His versatile personality and his spectacular talent made an entire industry to recognize his work. When the promotions of “Get On Up” were on, Boseman got a call from Marvel Studios as they were ready to launch the character of Black Panther into their Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Marvel producer Kevin Feige in an interview had stated that “Chadwick Boseman was the only choice” for the role of Black Panther

In the 1960s the king of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, Black Panther was the first African superhero in American comics, which is obviously a breakthrough figure. In addition to Boseman’s spectacular performance in all four Marvel movies advanced the character to a whole new level of global fame. Black Panther was the fourth highest grossing movie in domestic box-office history.  With Boseman’s fine and impressive work, ‘T’Challa” had come to life. 

T’Challa is idealized as a sensitive figure of a warrior who encounters a burden to lead an entire country. Ryan Coogler states that movie wouldn’t work without the inherent humanity Boseman gives to T’Challa. His ‘Wakanda forever’ salute became a huge hit amongst fans and it became the first superhero film to get nominated for the “Oscars”. 

Chadwick Boseman had a history of playing revolutionary characters, this shaped the way audience and the directors perceived him. When the maker of the “Da 5 Bloods”, Spike Lee was asked whom was he going to cast? He undoubtedly answered that he wanted to cast Robinson, Brown, Marshall and T’Challa! He believed that Chad is a superhero and Christ like. He further added that there’s light from heaven coming down on Chadwick, as he was mesmerized by the breathtaking performing skills of Chadwick Boseman. This film was centered on the Black soldier who lost his life in the Vietnam War. However Lee was altering the story and was giving a new dimension to Stormin Norman’s (the squad leader) life, by depicting that Norman is still alive. The character was heroic hence he chose Boseman as he was the only one who could portray the character. It is one of the many movies Boseman filmed, while he was going through the number of surgeries and chemotherapies to cure his colon cancer.

Chadwick Boseman, who embodied Black icons, dies of cancer

It is unimaginable that how Boseman had brought all the characters to life even while suffering from colon cancer. His work is commendable and is truly irreplaceable. The legacy he created by his marvelous work in just seven years, is an incredible body of work. The actor will be remembered for his iconic roles and his splendid acting skills. It’s heartbreaking to consider the fact that the world lost a hustler, who hid his colon cancer and quietly went through all the series of chemotherapy and surgeries. He was truly heroic and passionate, as he continued to act and perform even after knowing all the facts and while battling his cancer. His presence on screen was fascinating and remarkable. He was a true fighter. Boseman was an Actor, Director, Writer, and producer and his admirable work will be preserved in our hearts forever.           

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