8 Important safety rules to take while going on a road trip during this pandemic

8 Important safety rules to take while going on a road trip during this pandemic



Read, set, go?

Packing check, cash check, and mask? Well, make it a check too. While watching all these road trips movies we all want to travel to that overrated hill station or beach with our friends, but during pandemic the bucket list of our road trip 2020 appeared far from reality. Well, not to worry anymore because now you can fulfill all your traveling checklists or the road trip planner you made during the lockdown. After the government permitted traveling many transportation facilities, tourist places and markets are opening up. For the economy and our businesses to run, traveling becomes important and with the rapid increase in COVID cases, it becomes a responsibility to not only take care of yours but others too.

Plan it out

Many of us have those whims and fancies to travel without any road trip planner or an itinerary but this not a suitable time to complete that bucket list of yours. From stepping your foot outside your house to again returning to your house you must note down every minute detail precisely and follow it thoroughly.

Below given are some necessary 8 steps to be taken –

Plan it out

1. Tickets

For your road trip 2020, you shouldn’t require any ticket but if you are going to travel in between then you should book your tickets at least a month or two before because many of the trains and planes are being cancelled so you should be updated about the transportation facilities available to you. It is advisable to either go by a flight or through your car or van which will ensure better safety.

2. Be digital

As more and more technology is advancing we should progress too. Whether be your tickets or booking of hotels, always do it through online platforms as it will avoid you to touch different surfaces unnecessarily. Even when you do any payment, try to do it through an online application like google pay, Paytm, phone pay, etc. Through this you don’t need to touch cash physically, making it to be the quickest and safest way.

3. Food for every mood

However, much we try to pretend, deep inside we all know nothing can beat homemade food. Even if you are dying to eat outside, it’s advisable to not even think about eating because you wouldn’t have any background check of the maker and who have they been in contact with. So, include in your road trip planner to carry snacks and drinks and some extra food for your foodie friends. Try to eat healthy for a better immune system!

4. Research

Whether taking views about a location or seeing the rating of your hotel. You must be thoroughly informed about the COVID condition in the area you are visiting. It should not only be in a green zone but must be also abiding by the government rules and guidelines. Many of these areas follow different rules for quarantine period or documents, so you must be aware of it. Look out for the hygienic condition of the hotel or location you would be visiting and make sure it’s not crowded.

5. Avoid peak

Whether going out for a walk or heading out for road trip 2020, always look for a time that doesn’t acquire much of a crowd because the lesser the people better it is for you as well as them. Maximum times those tourist points have a lot of crowds so it’s advisable to go for something else and perhaps explore which hasn’t been by others.

6. Check up

The foremost important thing in your road trip 2020 must be to get checked for coronavirus from a recognized lab. Don’t cancel it out just because you don’t have any of fever or sneezing problem because now many asymptomatic cases are rising so to be secure you must have a test and if negative then only travel and carry that proof to the location you visit.

7. Be prepared

Unlike your road trip movies, your safety would be at stake so be prepared regarding it. Try not to overcrowd your vehicles and carry limited passengers only. It’s better to store yourself with extra petrol or diesel and tires and tools to avoid going to a mechanic or petrol station. Keep your masks always on your face and required documents and sanitizer handy. If someone falls sick during the trip then make sure to go to the nearest hospital to you. Store some gloves and stick to avoid touching surfaces directly.

8. Government protocols

 To have safer transportation or movements of humans, the government authorities has come up with strict rules which should be followed otherwise one can suffer severe consequences from a heavy penalty to staying locked up in prison. So, to avoid any of that you must follow all these religiously :-

        Wear an N95 mask which covers both nose and mouth properly

        Maintain social distancing

        Keep sanitizing yourself and the place around you

        If required wear gloves and a PPE kit

        Stay out of the containment zone

        Cooperate with authorities like police, doctor, nurses and do not disobey them

        Do not spit in an open area

        Do not panic or spread any rumours

        Avoid traveling with senior citizens or infants

        Do not call out for an unnecessary gathering

Government protocols

Some common sense

We know how tempting these road trip movies seem but try resisting it after all you wouldn’t want it to be your last trip on the earth. Even if you consider extremely immune to yourself, you must know that others aren’t. Almost every 50th person in this world is corona positive and this is not the time to take this situation for granted. So, you need to realize as a responsible citizen that you must stay at home and head out only if it is necessary. Carry out such trips only if it is business or medical-related rest you all are mature enough to make the decision!

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