10 Simple steps to pet proof your Home!


Addition of a new family member as a pet can be not only exciting but also challenging at the very same time. In order to give a safe upbringing we should make some changes in our houses irrespective of the pets or their breed you buy/adopt.

  1. Goodbye to toxic greens: You may not be able to identify your toxic friends or end your toxic relation but at least you can remove plants which are toxic for your furry child. Some of those plants are: Chinese evergreen, Asparagus fern, Cannabis, Lilies, Lantana, Aloe vera, Rubber tree plants, ivy, etc.  Even if these plants are colourful or beneficial for you, it can still cause major symptoms like Diarrhoea, itching, vomiting, organ damage, allergies and lot of pain which you surely wouldn’t want for your beloved pets to go through.
  1. Treasure your pills: Now your treasure box doesn’t needs to be empty, as it can be filled with paracetamol, cough syrups, anti-inflammatory drug, rat poison, and your several other cosmetics on which you emptied your pockets. It becomes necessary to hide all these as it can be really dangerous if swallowed or touched which is hard for your pets to resist.
  1. Configure cords and cables:  you can have a messy home but those dangling electrical wires from your phones, lamp, Wi-Fi, Television or radio is something you can’t afford to keep it lying around all over your house.  Some of the basic approaches to take are:      
  • Buy pet- proof cord protecting tubing
  • Wind up excessive cords and secure it with a tape.
  • Move such electrical wires out of sight or if not possible then out of reach for your pets so it’s chewing or dangerous shocks or any mishaps can be avoided.
  1. Slid the lid: irrespective of whether you have a pet or not its always advisable to keep the certain things lid closed. 
  • Toilet lid must be closed before and after use, as it not only keeps the bacteria to its limited space but also avoids animals from drinking or drowning in to the chemical substances.
  • Garbage cans must be shut so your little food hunters aren’t tempted to dig in the pile of dirt. If your garbage cans are without any covering then it must be kept inside a cupboard or a closed surface.
Garbage cans must be shut so your little food hunters aren’t tempted to dig in the pile of dirt.
  • Learn to cover your oily food or any edibles which you don’t want to feed especially the ones with the wrappers
  • Close the door of your shoe racks as you wouldn’t like to have the bits and pieces of leather all over your place.
  • Cover the fish tanks if you have one to avoid any possible mishaps.
  • Heating/Air vents must have a cover.
  • Keep the doors of your house closed so that your pet doesn’t go off wandering around.
Cover the fish tanks if you have one to avoid any possible mishaps.
  1. Save the page: keep articles like books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets away from the reach of the animals especially dogs otherwise no sooner your house would be full of trash or they would be coughing up paper balls.
The dogs no sooner your house would be full of trash or they would be coughing up paper balls.
  1. Buy chewy toys: Just like any baby, a teething puppy is tempted to chew on articles which can range from your expensive bags and shoes to your favorite cushion or those important reports and files which you have to submit on the day next. One should take precaution at this phase to avoid any slobbery mess by keeping the clutter at the bay and buying chewing toys for your pets which can be available in any pet shop. Such toys are not only safe to chew but they also don’t cause any harm to their health.
Buy chewy toys
  1. Point on pointed: it comes as a common sense to keep any sharp or pointed substances like scissors, razor, screwdriver, hammer, knife, rounder, sewing needles away from your pets or to apply clay around its pointed surface to avoid direct touch and if still that’s not possible then such tools must be enclosed together in a box, far from your furry friends reach.
  1. Respect the space: If you don’t want your pets to invade your favourite and expensive furniture then you need to set up things like scratching stand, crate, sand tub or pet bed or lay their favourite fluffy toys which will mark their territory and they wouldn’t interfere in your space and some baby gates will also do the trick so they don’t even feel shut out.
  1. Check for garage: If you have a garage then it becomes important to run out some safety procedures over there too. Especially during winters animals like cats hide in car to get the warmth of engine so it becomes important to knock the hood of the car before getting in so they can safely come out. Also make sure to clean all the anti-freeze from the driveway and floor as its single taste is lethal for animals. Also chemicals and tools must be moved up to the high shelves secured with a door so it’s out of yours pets reach.
  1. Sound proof: If you live in noisy streets especially with bustling traffic or noisy crackers or music, it’s always advisable to get a sound proof place or at least a room so your pets can live peacefully.

With pet proofing the house there is some basic conclusion to be taken:

  • Always look out for paws, noses, tails whenever you scoot the chairs or any furniture or even if u shut the doors up
  • Be careful that you don’t end up closing your kittens in drawers or closets
  • Always use childproof latches to avoid any prying of little paws
  • Block any small spaces or holes where your pets can sneak into
  • Keep your children’s toys and games away from them
  • Leave some open and free space around the house so your pets don’t feel suffocated.
  • Keep your house clean and maintained so they can grow in a healthy environment.

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